CDF Version 2.7 Debut Imminent

Volume 15, Number 1, March-June 1999

By David Han

As reported previously, the NSSDC Common Data Format (CDF) Office is converting command-line-based CDF tools to Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools in JAVA and is developing platform-independent JAVA Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to coexist with present C and Fortran APIs. All tools have now been converted to JAVA/GUI, with the exception of CDFedit.

The basic JAVA APIs needed to get data into and out of CDF have been developed and tested, although some "robustness testing" remains. The CDF Office is in the process of adding extra options that are available for CDF files and variables and expects to wrap up development and documentation by August 1999.

At that point a new CDF release, Version 2.7, will be issued containing the pre-existing functionalities plus these JAVA-based tools and APIs. Readers interested in obtaining JAVA tools or APIs in advance of the official release are invited to contact the CDF Office (

Development of the JAVA/GUI version of the sophisticated and interactive CDFedit tool will exploit the new JAVA APIs to be part of CDF 2.7. This CDFedit conversion work is expected to be completed in November 1999. On the agenda after CDFedit is development of functionality for sparse arrays.

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