SSDOO Depends on Capable Administrative Staff

By Joseph King

SSDOO's administrative staff: (left to right) Vicky Lopez,
Barbara Patala, Linda Resh, Mary Stevens, Derrick Jones, and Margie Pasini.

The Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO), including NSSDC and other elements, consists of 22 permanent civil servants, five civil servants matrixed from other Goddard organizations, and many tens of on-site support contractors. Fortunately, SSDOO has a team of excellent administrative support people keeping secretarial needs, travel arrangements, budget matters, contract administration, equipment tracking, etc., well in hand. This article is intended to introduce this team.

Secretarial support is provided by Margie Pasini, who first came to Goddard in 1983 as a cooperative office experience (COE) student from Largo High School. After a short secretarial stint at the University of Maryland, she returned to Goddard in 1987 to join the SSDOO team a few years prior to SSDOO’s creation. Joining Margie half-time for the new school year is Derrick Jones, also a COE student from nearby Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Derrick’s participation in Goddard’s COE program provides him his first work experience.

Lisa Kelly has been SSDOO’s financial analyst for the past year, ensuring that all of SSDOO’s budget inflows and outflows are managed and tracked in adherence to all government and NASA rules. Lisa ensures that SSDOO and NSSDC staff, in their commitment to bring maximum benefit to NASA and to the space science community, do not overspend! Lisa started at Goddard as a high school senior in 1984. In September Lisa moved to the Hubble Space Telescope Project Office. Her SSDOO duties are being taken over by Barbara Patala until a permanent replacement is named. Barbara has been at Goddard since 1991 and has already had one tour as the SSDOO financial analyst.

Barbara is assisted in aspects (credit card tracking, purchase request tracking, etc.) of SSDOO’s budget management by Vickie Lopez. Vickie started working at NSSDC as a keypuncher in 1969, advanced through various data technician roles, and left in 1981 to be a full-time mother. She came back to Goddard in 1988 as an RMS employee in administrative roles and came into SSDOO in 1995 when the pre-existing Orbiting Spacecraft Project Office that she was supporting moved into SSDOO.

SSDOO’s key person for equipment and logistics (office moves, telephones, etc.) is Linda Resh. Linda came to Goddard in 1988 as a property supervisor and joined SSDOO in 1993.

Mary Stevens is the Goddard contracting officer for the major SSDOO on-site support contract with Raytheon Information Technology Systems and Science company. While Mary has other Goddard contracts also, SSDOO considers her part of its team as she has been very helpful in the transition from the traditional "level of effort" contract to a mixed level-of-effort/performance-based contract in 1998 and in SSDOO’s living in this environment since. Mary has been at Goddard since 1988, mainly in contract administration roles.

These people all work for NASA except Vickie and Linda, who are Boeing employees. Their effectiveness in their roles has contributed greatly to SSDOO and NSSDC’s being able to bring the services to the international research community and to the general public that they are able to do.

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Author: Miranda Beall
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