David Han Finishes NSSDC Tour

By Joseph King

David Han has spent two years at
NSSDC supervising the CDF software effort.

David Han, a member of the Science Data Systems Branch of Goddard’s Information Systems Center, has completed his detail to NSSDC and has moved on to manage software development for the Solar-Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) project within Goddard’s Solar-Terrestrial Probes Program. David’s responsibility at NSSDC was the management of the evolution of the Common Data Format (CDF) software and support of CDF users. During his two-year NSSDC tenure CDF 2.7 was issued, Java versions of all CDF software were created, and CDF documentation was converted to Portable Document Format (PDF). The main advance of CDF 2.7 over earlier versions is its JAVA-based tools and Java Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and the removal of several bugs from the core CDF library.

David was also a member of the Formats Evolution Process Committee to which he brought his rich understanding of the CDF environment. As of this writing NSSDC is looking for a replacement for David in his CDF role.

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