GSFC Space Science Directorate Head Retires

By Joseph King

Dr. Stephen Holt during the week of his retirement
receives a leadership award from Goddard Director Dr. Al Diaz.

Dr. Stephen S. Holt, director of Space Sciences at Goddard since 1990, has retired after 34 years of service to NASA. An X-ray astrophysicist who was the project scientist and/or a principal investigator on eight X-ray spacecraft missions, he remained scientifically active throughout his career. His immersion in science continued despite key management roles as chief of Goddard’s Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics and then director of Space Sciences for the past half of his Goddard career.

Goddard is presently pursuing a nationwide search for the best candidate to replace Steve. Steve, meanwhile, will be enjoying the academic life in suburban Boston, Massachusetts.

NSSDC is located within Goddard’s Space Science Directorate, with the NSSDC head, the Space Science Data Operations Office chief (Dr. James Green), and the Space Sciences director in a vertical management line to one another.

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