ADF’s Rich Pisarski Moves to NASA Ames for a Year

By Joseph King

Dr. Ryszard Pisarski is spending a year at NASA's center
of excellence in computer science, Ames Research Center.

Dr. Ryszard Pisarski, head of the Astrophysics Data Facility (ADF) within Goddard’s Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO), has begun a year’s participation in NASA’s Professional Development Program. Rich has taken up residence at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, which is located south of San Francisco. He will be working hands-on with the Human-Centered Computing group at Ames, learning and applying computer science techniques there that could later be applied to Goddard’s space science work.

While excellent development and application of computer science is pursued at all NASA field centers, Ames Research Center is designated as NASA’s center of excellence in computer science. Rich says, "This program will allow me to work in an intense computer science environment and re-develop my technical skills. This will benefit NASA and Goddard by establishing a better and deeper relation between the Ames’s computer science group and Goddard’s computer science activities in the SSDOO and Information Systems Center (Code 580)."

Rich has been at Goddard since 1984, joining the government staff in 1987. He has done a mix of astrophysics research and astrophysics data processing and management. He assumed his role as ADF head in 1992; while guiding the broad range of ADF activities, he has been the project manager of the U.S. Roentgen Satellite (ROSAT) Science Data Center and has been especially connected to the pipeline processing of data from ROSAT, the Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA), and the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) X-ray missions. Dr. Roger Dilling is acting ADF head during Rich’s absence.

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