NSSDC's New Data

Volume 10, Number 2, September 1994
by Joe King
Since the last NSSDC News, these data sets were newly received at NSSDC: MAGSAT magnetometer data at 0.5-s resolution on CD-ROM (actually, created at NSSDC); solar irradiance data from Nimbus-7 ERBE for 1978-1993; and COBE DMR Time-ordered and Skymap data.

Also, the following data sets were extended by submissions over the past few months: IMP-8 magnetometer and energetic particle data (U. Md.) to the end of 1993; Magellan F-BIDR and Gravimetry data; Viking 1&2, Voyager 1, and Galileo images; IUE ultraviolet and ROSAT X-ray data; Pioneer Venus electric and magnetic field data; and Yohkoh solar X-ray data.

During the interval since our last NSSDC News, the following data sets have been ingested to NSSDC's nearline data store (NDADS) for network access: IUE ultraviolet and ROSAT X-ray data; ASTRO-1 UIT and WUPPE data; Vela 5B Gamma ray data; IMP-8 magnetometer data; Yohkoh solar X-ray data; and Astronomical Data Center source catalogs.

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Author:Miranda Beall
Curators: Erin Gardner and Miranda Beall
Responsible Official: Dr. Joseph H. King, Code 633
Last Revised: 21 Nov 1996 [EDG]