Magellan Venus FMAPs on CD-ROM Arrive at NSSDC

Volume 10, Number 2, September 1994
by Dave Williams
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Branch of Astrogeology has produced a set of digital full-resolution radar maps (also known as FMAPs) of Venus on CD-ROM. The mosaics were created from the Magellan F-MIDRs , (Full resolution Mosaicked Image Data Records), the highest resolution radar mosaics of the Venus surface (~75 m/pixel). These maps contain all coverage obtained with the left-looking radar profile (about 92% of the planet).

Magellan FMAP Image
The image is a full-resolution section of one framelet of a Magellan FMAP, showing Grimke crater.

Each CD volume will contain two 12 degree by 12 degree FMAP quadrangles. The complete FMAP data set contains 340 quadrangles in sinusoidal equal area projection, so there will be a total of about 170 volumes, which will be produced over the next two years. The first CD-ROM, Volume MG_1164, containing two contiguous quadrangles centered at approximately 20 N, 200 E arrived at NSSDC on September 7. These FMAP quadrangles are located at the northeastern edge of Aphrodite Terra and include the 37 km crater Grimke and the 33 km crater Olesnicka.

NSSDC is attempting to determine how many of these CD-ROMs to order. Note that a full set of CD-ROMs will cost about $1000. If you are interested in purchasing the full set of 170 F-map CD-ROMs, we would ask for a payment of $100 at this time to cover the cost of the first ten to be issued shortly. We will adjust our order to the factory up or down, as per demand. However, after our initial stock is depleted, the disks will only be available as written to CD-Recordable at NSSDC. Charge for such disks is currently $73/disk. If you are interested in ordering these CDs, or have any other questions, please contact David Williams at:

David Williams
NSSDC, Suite 400
7701 Greenbelt Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770  USA
(301) 441-4197

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