ADC Participates in UNIVERSE '95

Volume 11, Number 3, September 1995
By Gail Schneider and Karinn Hassan
The Astronomical Data Center (ADC) and National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) were represented at an exhibitor's booth during the astronomy exposition, UNIVERSE '95. This two-day national astronomy festival, sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and Astronomy magazine, was held on June 24-25, 1995, at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Over 600 teachers, amateurs, and professional astronomers from around the world attended.

The ADC/NSSDC booth received over 200 visitors and gave several WWW demonstrations of its services and other astronomical resources. Many of the participants did not have access to or were unfamilar with the WWW and learned the many services available through the WWW. The sale and demonstrations of both the Welcome to the Planets educational CD-ROM and Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 1 CD-ROM were very popular. As anticipated, many teachers purchased Welcome to the Planets while it was mainly professional astronomers who purchased Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 1. More than five dozen CD-ROMs were sold. Besides the WWW and CD-ROM demonstrations and CD-ROM sales, copies of the NSSDC CD-ROM Catalog and A Guide to the Data and Services of the NSSDC were distributed. Visitors also inquired about the pending release of volume 2 of the Selected Astronomical Catalogs CD-ROM and the availability of a PC version of the Welcome to the Planets CD-ROM.

ADC staff members gather at the ADC/NSSDC booth at UNIVERSE '95. From left to right, they are Dave Williams, Karinn Hassan, James Gass, Teheran Simmons, and Gail Schneider.

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