CDF Earns Honorable Mention and Continues Modifications

Volume 11, Number 3, September 1995
By Gregory Goucher
In July 1995 the Common Data Format (CDF) software was selected for honorable mention as one of the five runners-up in the 1995 NASA Software of the Year Award sponsored by NASA's Inventions and Contributions Board (Code ICB). CDF has been a continuous effort for a number of years, and there were many individuals recognized for their contributions. Among them were Richard Burley, Gregory Goucher, and Jason Mathews of GSFC; Tami Kovalick, Howard Leckner, and Jeff Love of Hughes STX; Lloyd Treinish of IBM/Watson Research Laboratory; Michael Gough of Apple Computer Research and Development Group; and Ravi KulKarni of Grafikon Inc. As a result of this award, CDF will be featured in a future NASA Tech Brief.

Updates include the porting of CDF Version 2.5 distribution to Linux (a UNIX-like operating system for PCs). The CDF Version 2.5 library and the command line toolkit programs have been ported to Microsoft Visual C/C++ under Windows NT on an IBM PC. The Windows-based toolkit programs will be ported to the Windows NT environment in early fall.

In addition, modifications to the CDF Version 2.5 Interactive Data Language (IDL) interface were made to reflect the changes in how IDL 4.0 handles the ".pro" file extension on UNIX machines. (For more details see the CDF CHANGES.DOC document from the CDF Home Page in the What's New section at URL

Also, a new CDF_EPOCH encoding routine was added to the CDF Version 2.5 distribution. The routine allows a "custom" format to be produced based on a format specification string provided by the user.

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