Survey Initiated

Volume 12, Number 3, September 1996
By Joseph King

NSSDC has just created a World Wide Web (WWW) page linked from its home page that surveys the NSSDC user community concerning the quality of the products and services available from NSSDC. The survey also solicits suggestions for improvements or additions to the present suite of products and services. The survey is at This WWW-based survey will be accompanied by other user-satisfaction outreach thrusts to reach the non-WWW segment of the user community. Finally, NSSDC is undertaking to reach more aggressively into the segment of the research community that could potentially benefit from NSSDC products and services but that is not now part of the user community.

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Author:Miranda Beall
Curators: Erin Gardner and Miranda Beall
Responsible Official: Dr. Joseph H. King. Code 633
Last Revised: 21 Nov 1996 [EDG]