SSDOO Visiting Committee Makes Second Visit

Volume 13, Number 3, September 1997
By Joseph King and Robert McGuire

The Visiting Committee of the Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO) made its second annual visit to Goddard on September 17, 1997. Whereas last year the Visiting Committee reviewed primarily the range of activities of the NSSDC, this year the prime focus of review was the range of activities relevant to space physics and solar physics data management pursued by both the Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) and the NSSDC.

Introductory comments by James Green, chief of the SSDOO, were followed by a review by James Green and Joseph King on the disposition of the recommendations made by the Visiting Committee last year. Next was a series of presentations on the acquisition, archiving, management, and networked and CD-ROM dissemination of space physics data, followed by a series of presentations on the "value-added" systems for the networked-based user graphical browsing and retrieval of currently important data and models. Next were presentations on support for the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) mission and the Space Physics Data System and on development of the the Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) ground data system. These were followed by presentations of space physics data-intensive research and education and outreach activities within SSDOO.

Highlighted among the value-added systems were CDAWeb, SSCWeb, and COHOWeb. Significant attention was given to the Common Data Format (CDF), which underlies these systems and the overall ISTP KP Parameter enterprise. Research discussed consisted of Ramona Kessel's work with bow shock phenomenology and reconnection and Shing Fung's IMAGE/Radio Plasma Instrument (with James Green) and trapped particle modeling work. The space physics part of the overall program was coordinated by Robert McGuire, head of the SPDF, and included presentations by Robert McGuire, Joseph King, Mauricio Peredo, Gregory Galiardi, Richard Burley, Ramona Kessel, Shing Fung, James Thieman, and William Taylor.

Logos representing value-added systems and partnership at the SSDOO.

Constituting the Visiting Committee for this visit were David Sibeck (Applied Physics Lab, chairman), Michael A'Hearn (University of Maryland), John Nousek (Pennsylvania State University), and Goddard's Sherri Calvo and William Mish. The principal early finding was that all the activities discussed were being done well and should be continued.

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Author:Miranda Beall
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