DE 2 Data Newly Accessible from ATMOWeb

Volume 15, Number 3, September 1999

By Natalia Papitashvili

To facilitate access to and use of ionospheric and atmospheric data, a discipline-oriented, WWW-based interface called ATMOWeb was designed and developed at NSSDC. ATMOWeb provides graphical browsing and numeric retrieval capabilities from ATMOWeb has provided access to Atmospheric Explorers-C, -D, and -E 15-sec Unified Abstract data for about a year now.

The Unified Abstract data from another atmospheric spacecraft, Dynamic Explorer (DE) 2, were recently added to the ATMOWeb interface. These data are at 16-sec resolution and cover the DE 2 life of August 6, 1981, through February 15, 1883. The available data set includes densities, temperatures, and drift velocities for neutrals, atoms, and ions of many species from several different instruments, that is, from the Neutral Atmospheric Composition Spectrometer (NACS), the Wind and Temperature Spectrometer (WATS), the Langmuir Probe (LANG), the Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FPI), the Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA), and the Ion Drift Meter (IDM).

NSSDC continues to improve and expand graphic capabilities in the ATMOWeb interface. For listing and plotting users can now specify the time interval and any combination of parameters for any one spacecraft. For plotting they may select up to four parameters for the separate panels of a plot (screen) and specify the number of hours per plot. Where multiple plots are needed to span the full time interval selected, users can easily move forward and back through the sequence of plots. Finally, dragging the cursor over any curve causes results of an "on the fly" digitization to be listed on the plot. ATMOWeb-accessible data can also be directly FTP-downloaded independently of ATMOWeb.

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