CDF Java APIs Suite Now Available with CDF 2.7

Volume 15, Number 3, September 1999

By David Han

The NSSDC's Common Data Format (CDF) Office has completed the development of the CDF Java Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that began in January 1999. The APIs are available to the general public in addition to the current C and Fortran APIs as part of the CDF 2.7 package released in mid-September 1999. The advent of the CDF Java APIs significantly benefits the CDF user community since a CDF application can now be written in platform-independent Java language and can run on any of the Java-supported platforms without any modifications. (Java is supported virtually on all platforms today.) The platform-independent Java encourages the sharing of scientific data analysis code among scientists and also promotes science.

Java versions of the CDF tools (e.g., SkeletonCDF, SkeletonTable, CDFConvert, etc.) except CDFedit are also available as part of CDF 2.7. CDF 2.7 is backward compatible with the previous CDF releases, and it includes a more robust CDF library and some features that were not available in CDF 2.6.x, such as the ability to copy a variable with or without data.

The CDFedit tool is now being converted to Java utilizing new Java APIs followed by the development of the sparse array/matrix. This conversion is currently scheduled to be completed in November 1999. Further details are available on the CDF home page at

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