Wind Plasma Data Added Among OMNI Upgrades

Volume 15, Number 3, September 1999

By Joseph King and Natalia Papitashvili

NASA launched the Wind spacecraft on November 1, 1994, primarily to provide data on variations of solar wind input to the magnetosphere as part of the overall ISTP program. Since then, Wind has provided a nearly continuous record of solar wind variations in front of the Earth's magnetosphere.

In the March 1998 NSSDC News announced the first inclusion of Wind interplanetary magnetic field data in the OMNI data set of hourly resolution, multisource solar wind magnetic field and plasma parameters, energetic particle fluxes, and solar and geomagnetic activity indices.

Solar wind plasma parameters spanning 1994 to 1999 from the Wind spacecraft's Solar Wind Experiment (SWE) have just been added to OMNI., K. W. Ogilvie of GSFC is the SWE PI, and A. J. Lazarus is a Co-I and the provider of data to NSSDC. Inclusion of the Wind data increases the fractional OMNI coverage from about 50% achieved with only IMP 8 to > 95%. Details of the Wind data time shifting and normalizations and of the comparisons between Wind and IMP/MIT plasma parameter values can be found at

The primary pathway to the OMNI data set is through the OMNIWeb interface at Other pathways include anon/FTP for annual ASCII files ( and CD-WO disks made on request.

NSSDC has newly provided the option for users to request that 27-day (solar rotation period) averages be displayed or downloaded. A single file of 27-day averages is available for anon/FTP download from the FTP address given above.

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