Digital Image Models

NSSDCA holds a number of digital image models (DIMs) of the planets and satellites. All DIMs listed below are in sinusoidal equal-area projection. The media listed is the storage media at NSSDCA, but the images can be copied onto other media for distribution. Further information on these DIMs is available from the NSSDCA Master Catalog by selecting the highlighted NSSDCA ID.

Digital Image Model     Image Size     Resolution    Storage
Planet or Satellite      (pixels)      (per pixel)    Media      NSSDCA ID   
-------------------     ----------     -----------   -------     -------- 

Venus                  8347 x 18780      1/52 deg.    CD-ROM    89-033B-01E
                                         (2025 m)

Moon                   5760 x 11520      1/32 deg.     Tape     NSD SL-21D
                                          (900 m)

Mars                  11520 x 23040      1/64 deg.    CD-ROM    75-075A-01f 
                                          (930 m)    (Vol. 14)

Jupiter Satellites     2880 x 5760       1/16 deg.     Tape     NSD SL-21E
(Io, Europa, Ganymede,                                 Photo    NSD SL-21F                                  

Saturn Satellites      2880 x 5760       1/16 deg.     Tape     NSD SL-21G
(Mimas, Enceladus,                                     Photo    NSD SL-21H   
Tethys, Dione,
Iapetus, Rhea)

Uranus Satellites      2880 x 5760       1/16 deg.     Tape     NSD SL-21I
(Miranda, Ariel,                                       Photo    NSD SL-21J
Umbriel, Titania,                                      Tape     NSD SL-21K 
Oberon)                                                Photo    NSD SL-21L

The resolution is given only in degrees/pixel for the outer planet satellites because the value in meters/pixel varies with satellite size. In addition to these, there are images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune on the Voyager CD-ROMs, Volumes 1-5, 9-22.

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