International Halley Watch Volumes 25 and 26 Available at NSSDCA

Vega 1 Giotto Vega 2

Spacecraft Encounters with Halley

The Halley Watch CD-ROMs are no longer available from NSSDCA. However, the full volumes are available online at the PDS IHW page.

The final two volumes, 25 and 26, of the International Halley Watch CD-ROM set are now available at NSSDCA. These volumes contain the images and data acquired by the various spacecraft sent to rendezvous with comets P/Halley and P/Giacobini-Zinner. The earlier 24 volumes contained remote data only. The spacecraft represented on these volumes are Giotto, Sakigake, Suisei, Vega 1, Vega 2, and ICE. A detailed list of the experiments and data covered on these two volumes is also available. The images at the top of the page show Vega 1, Giotto, and Vega 2 images, respectively, of Halley's Comet. These and other images of comet Halley from the CD-ROMs are available.

The volumes are sold together as a set. Volume 25 contains selected measurements and images of comet P/Halley from the Giotto , the Suisei , and the Sakigake missions spanning 3 - 15 March 1986. Volume 26 holds measurements and images of P/Halley from the VEGA 1 and VEGA 2 missions spanning 27 February to 10 March, 1986, and of P/Giacobini-Zinner from the ICE (ISEE-3) mission, 8 - 14 September, 1985. A User's Guide is included in the set.

Images and tables on the disk are archived in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format. The IHW CD-ROMs were assembled under the auspices of the PDS Small Bodies Node at the University of Maryland. On-line access to the CD-ROMs is available there.

Giotto image of Halley taken on 13 March 1986

Giotto image of Halley taken on 13 March 1986

Contents of Volumes 25 and 26 - Index of the data and images on the CD's.
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