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Apollo 15

Launched: 26 July 1971 UT 13:34:00 (09:34:00 a.m. EDT)
Landed on Moon: 30 July 1971 UT 22:16:29 (06:16:29 p.m. EDT)
Landing Site: Hadley Rille/Apennines (26.13 N, 3.63 E)
Returned to Earth: 7 August 1971 UT 20:45:53 (04:45:53 p.m. EDT)

David R. Scott, commander
Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot
James B. Irwin, lunar module pilot

[Red bullet] Apollo 15 Mission Summary

Apollo 15 Command Module "Endeavour"

Apollo 15 Lunar Module "Falcon"

Apollo 15 Subsatellite

 The Hammer/Feather Drop - Dave Scott demonstrates that bodies fall at the same rate regardless of mass.
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 ALSEP Termination Report (8 MB PDF File)

 Apollo Image Archive - Apollo 15 Metric Camera Images, Arizona State University
 Apollo 15 Mission Overview - Lunar and Planetary Institute
 Apollo 15 Mission Summary - Apollo by the Numbers, NASA History Office
 Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal - Transcript of Apollo 15 communications from the Moon
 Apollo 15 Flight Journal - Transcript of Apollo 15 communications during the flight
 Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report (PDF)
 Apollo 15 Press Kit (PDF)

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