Apollo 14 and 15 Cold Cathode Ion Gage (CCIG) Data

The data are in the form of tiff plots and are broken into DVD-size volume directories. Also included for each file is a .LBL file with descriptive information on the plot. These data are currently under review by the Planetary Data System and do not constitute valid PDS data sets.

Apollo 14 CCIG Data

Volume a14_ccg_0001
Volume a14_ccg_0002
Volume a14_ccg_0003
Volume a14_ccg_0004
Volume a14_ccg_0005
Volume a14_ccg_0006
Volume a14_ccg_0007

Apollo 15 CCIG Data

Volume a15ccg_0001
Volume a15ccg_0002
Volume a15ccg_0003
Volume a15ccg_0004

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