Apollo 14 and 15 Cold Cathode Ion Gage (CCIG) Data

The data are in the form of tiff plots and are broken into DVD-size volume directories. Also included for each file is a .LBL file with descriptive information on the plot. These data are also available as PDS data sets.

Apollo 14 CCIG Data

Volume a14_ccg_0001
Volume a14_ccg_0002
Volume a14_ccg_0003
Volume a14_ccg_0004
Volume a14_ccg_0005
Volume a14_ccg_0006
Volume a14_ccg_0007

Apollo 15 CCIG Data

Volume a15ccg_0001
Volume a15ccg_0002
Volume a15ccg_0003
Volume a15ccg_0004

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