Santa Rosa

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Coast redwood planted in the city of Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul province in southern Brazil on 18 August 1981. A combination of cement work around the tree, occasional droughts, continuous night lighting, and taller trees blocking the sunlight led to the tree nearly dying by 2006. A local man, Vilso Cembranel, had the cement work removed, the lights taken down, the surrounding trees trimmed back, and a spigot installed. This saved the tree, it is now about 30 feet tall. See the full story in Brazil's Moon Tree Warrior.

The plaque is in Portugese, a rough English translation is:

" To the coming generations, to the sons of our sons who study our history and see the past, the honorable Mr. mayor of this city, national cradle of soy, Antonio Carlos Borges, having for witnesses the people of Santa Rosa and authorities from around the country, announced that, at the closing of the V National Soy Fair, it was here instituted the Nature Sanctuary, looking to reconcile men and the natural environment.

Here was planted a seedling whose seed, transported by the north- american mission Apollo XIV, germinated in lunar soil.

On this day, all the churches bells rang in jubilation, for men returned to the natural laws and here all creeds, in an ecumenical ceremony, demonstrated the eternity of men through God, creator of all things.

Santa Rosa, RS, 18 of August of 1981.

Joao Baptista Figueiredo - President of the Republic
Aureliano Chaves - Vice-President of the Republic
Jose A. Amaral de Souza - Governor of the State
Octavio Germano - Vice-governor of the State
Antonio Carlos Borges - Mayor of the City
Antonio Azzi - Vice-mayor of the City
Erni Friderichs - President of City Legislature
Mauro Silva Reis - President of IBDF (Brazilian Institute for Forest Development)
Nilso F. Guidolin - President of the V FENASOJA (National Soy Fair)

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