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Columbus, Ohio

[Columbus Dispatch 2002 Dec. 1]
Columbus Dispatch, August 7, 1982

A sycamore seedling was given to the Franklin Park Conservatory via the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 1976. The tree was to be planted in Bicentennial Park in Columbus. After a few years being grown at the Conservatory, the sapling, now 3 to 3 1/2 feet high, was moved to the city nursery at 6977 High Street. By summer of 1982 the tree was 13 or 14 feet high and said to be in excellent health, ready to be planted at Bicentennial Park in the fall. But according to the 1 December 2002 Columbus Dispatch, the tree "didn't survive in the nursery".

Although the two accounts appear incongruous, it seems the tree died in the nursery and never made it to Bicentennial Park.

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Columbus Dispatch Article, 7 August 1982
Columbus Dispatch Article, 1 December 2002

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