Flagstaff Junior High School Moon Tree

Flagstaff, Arizona

[Flagstaff Moon Tree] [Flagstaff Moon Tree Sign]

A Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) was planted on 30 April 1976 on the grounds of what was then Flagstaff Junior High School near Frances Short Pond. Stuart Roosa attended the planting ceremony. Unfortunately, the tree was pulled out of the ground three days later and could not be saved. A replacement (non-Moon) tree was planted in its stead, but the original sign is still there.

The high altitude (almost 7000 feet) may have inhibited the tree's growth. The tree is only about 10 feet tall. (The blue device in the foreground of the picture of the tree is a GPS unit.)

The tree is located at 35 deg 12.368 min N; 111 deg 39.230 min W

More information on the history of the tree is available in an Arizona Daily Sun article, Less than full orbit: The history of Flagstaff's moon tree

Photographs courtesy of Marc Leitermann, information courtesy of Jack Roosa

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