Kennedy Space Center Moon Tree

Cape Canaveral, Florida

kennedy tree kennedy tree plaque kennedy tree

A sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) Moon Tree was planted at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on 25 June 1976. The tree was in the courtyard of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma knocked the tree over in 2017. It has since been replaced by a "Moon Tree Garden", a collection of 12 descendents of the original tree planted on 12 July 2019. There are also statues in the garden carved from wood from the original tree, and paintings made using sawdust from the tree. The garden is located between the Saturn V building and the Banana River launch-viewing stands.

Kennedy Tree 2012 Florida Today notice of tree planting
Image of Kennedy Space Center Moon Tree in 2012 and "Moon tree" planting notice for June 25, 1976

Top images courtesy of Lane Hermann.
Lower tree image courtesy of Darlene Squibb.
Tree planting notice credit Florida Today

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