King of Prussia Moon Tree

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

[King of Prussia Moon Tree] [King of Prussia Moon Tree Plaque] [King of Prussia Moon Tree]

The Moon Tree in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania is planted at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility on Mall Boulevard (formerly named Goddard Boulevard). Located by the cafeteria, the sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) was planted on June 30, 1976 as part of the Bicentennial celebration at what was then the Valley Forge Space Technology Center of the General Electric Space Division. The plaque has the date "July 30, 1976", but the original information about the planting was that it was on June 30. The plaque was added much later, so the date is not definitively known. Nearby is a tulip poplar grown from a seed taken from a tree planted by George Washington at Mount Vernon.

The tree is located at 40 deg 05.452 min N; 75 deg 23.921 min W

[King of Prussia Moon Tree]

Information courtesy of John Daukas, Dr. Gerald Liebling, and Dr. Calvin Fowler.
Upper left photo courtesy of Lynn Black. Other photos courtesy Erica Botkin.

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