Mission Plaza Moon Tree

San Luis Obispo, California

[Friendly Plaza Moon Tree] [Friendly Plaza Moon Tree Plaque]

The coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Moon Tree in San Luis Obispo was planted as a 55-inch tall seedling on 30 July 1976. It is located in Mission Plaza near San Luis Creek just upstream from the Broad Street Bridge. The seedling was sent from the U.S.F.S. Institute of Forest Genetics station in Placerville, California on 2 April 1976. The original seeds were collected in Santa Cruz County near Soquel, California.

The planting took place at 11 a.m. on a gray July 30, 1976. Introductions were made by Ted Waddell, Ranger-in-charge of the San Luis Ranger Unit, followed by a short talk by him and Rangers Bruce Van Zee and Mayhew Davis. The seedling and a plaque were presented to vice-mayor Myron Graham, who planted the tree with Mayhew Davis and Smokey the Bear. The planting was followed by refreshments of cookies and Tang.

The 55 inches tall sapling had grown to 82 inches by March 1978. Tree located at 35 deg 16.792 min N, 120 deg 39.876 min W

[Friendly Plaza Moon Tree and Plaque] [Friendly Plaza Moon Tree]

Upper photos and lower left photo Nancy and Dave Williams, 2016
Lower right tree photo circa 2002 courtesy of Doug Allen
Additional information courtesy of Ed Hall and Jeff McMahon

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