Cyanamid Moon Tree

Wayne, New Jersey

This second generation sycamore was planted in the rear courtyard of the American Cyanamid Company grounds (now Toys R Us headquarters) in Wayne, New Jersey.
The plaque by the tree reads:

Moon Sycamore
Presented to American Cyanamid Company
Agricultural Products Division
This Moon Sycamore is a direct descendant of American Sycamore seeds that Apollo XIV astronaut Stuart Roosa carried to the moon in 1971. Roosa, a former smoke jumper for the U.S. forest services, was determined to "fly something in honor of the forest service," when he learned he would go to the moon. The project represents an unprecedented mix of forestry and astronautics, and this tree stands in loving tribute to that noble effort.

American Forests, through famous and historic trees, is dedicated to preserving our environment and teaching people about our national heritage. Cyanamid is a supporter of global relief.

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