Spacecraft Specifications

Mariner 9


Launch date:		May 30, 1971   18:23EST
Mars arrival date:	November 14, 1971

Launch vehicle:		Atlas-Agena SLV-3

Control system:		2 sets of ACS jets, 6 jets each
			Canopus star tracker
			Cruise sun sensor
			Sun gate

Electrical power:	14 742 solar cells  producing 500 watts at Mars
			(Total solar panel area = 7.7m2)
			Nickel-cadmium battery, 20 amp-hours

Propulsion:		Monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide
			1340 newtons thrust 
			5 restarts capability
			Gimbaled engine

Launch weight:		997.9 kilograms

Dimensions:		Height: 2.28m	Width (panels extended): 6.89m

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