New and Updated Planetary Pages

Recent Additions to NSSDCA Planetary Pages

May 2002
This Day in Planetary and Lunar Exploration History - Calendar of historic events.

April 2002
Reference Books - Planetary and Lunar Science.

January 2002
Moon Landing Site Map - Locations of U.S. and U.S.S.R. Lunar Landers.

July 2001
The First U.S. Spacewalk - Ed White's Gemini 4 EVA.

May 2001
The Apollo 1 Tragedy - The launch pad fire that claimed the lives of 3 astronauts.

April 2001
The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicles - The rovers used on Apollo 15, 16, and 17.

February 2001
Mars Exploration, Colonization and Terraforming Links - Links to pages on the possible future of humans on Mars.

January 2001
Galilean Satellite Fact Table - Information on Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, and Io and comparison with other bodies.
Schoolyard Solar System - A scale model solar system demonstration.
Online Books - NASA and other publications available online.

November 2000
Chronology of U.S. Astronaut Missions - Information on Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo.

August 2000
Apollo 18, 19, and 20 - Information on the cancelled Apollo missions.

July 2000
New Planetary Fact Tables - all the planets, in metric, British units, and as Earth ratios.

January 2000
NEAR Images of Eros - images from orbit, images from the approach, and science returns.

September 1999
Near Earth Object Fact Sheet - information and links on NEO's.

July 1999
11 August 1999 Solar Eclipse - information and links on the total eclipse.

June 1999
Text versions of all Apollo information tables - and links to tables and lists.
Apollo LM and SIVB Impact Locations - Time, latitude, and longitude of impacts of spent Apollo hardware.

March 1999
The May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment - Information on the alignment of the planets on 5 May 2000.

February 1999
The Blue Moon - Information on the Double Blue Moon of 1999 and Blue Moons in general

December 1998
Proposed Missions - Information on proposed future missions updated

September 1998
Lunar Prospector Science Results - Information on current scientific discoveries by the Lunar Prospector mission

August 1998
Mars Exploration - History and scenario for a possible crewed mission

May 1998
The Apollo 8 Broadcast - text of the 1968 Christmas Eve transmission

March 1998
Mars Chronology - timeline of all attempted and future Mars missions

February 1998
Lunar Landing Site Locations - precise coordinates of the LM's and science experiments
Mars Global Surveyor Images - Pictures of Mars from the orbiter
Solar Eclipse page - Information and links on the total solar eclipse of 26 February 1998

January 1998
Champollion - Information on proposed mission to comet Tempel 1

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