Magellan Venus FMAPs on CD-ROM

[FMAP 17N215] The USGS Branch of Astrogeology has produced a set of digital full-resolution radar maps (also known as FMAPs) of Venus on CD-ROM. The mosaics were created from the Magellan F-BIDRs, (Full resolution Basic Image Data Records), the highest resolution radar images of the Venus surface (~75 m/pixel). These maps contain all coverage obtained with the left-looking radar profile (about 92% of the planet). Each CD volume will contain two 12 degree by 12 degree FMAP quadrangles. These quadrangles are each composed of 36 framelets, one of which is shown at the top of the page. (These framelets are very large, about 7.5 Mbytes in size. Clicking on the thumbnail above will give a larger image, but not a full-resolution image. A section of this framelet at full-resolution showing the Grimke crater can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail image further down the page.)

The complete FMAP left-looking data set contains 340 quadrangles in sinusoidal equal area projection, so there are a total of 170 volumes. There are also sets of right-looking and stereo FMAPs available, which are not full global coverage. These volumes are still being produced. The first CD-ROM, Volume MG_1164, arrived at NSSDCA on September 7, 1994. It contains two contiguous quadrangles, the Ganis Chasma and Tubman quadrangles,

[FMAP 18N198] Ganis Chasma Quad (180 K) [FMAP 18N210] Tubman Quad (200 K)

These FMAP quadrangles are located at the northeastern edge of Aphrodite Terra. They cover latitude 12N to 24N, longitude 192E to 216E and include the 37 km crater Grimke (shown below) and the 33 km crater Olesnicka.

[FMAP of Grimke Crater] Grimke Crater FMAP (320 K)
[C1-MIDR of Grimke Crater] Grimke Crater C1-MIDR (226 K)

Clicking on the first image will give a full-resolution FMAP view of Grimke Crater. The second image shows a Magellan C1-MIDR (compressed once resolution - ~150m/pixel) view for comparison.

[FMAP of Ganis Chasma] [F-MIDR of Ganis Chasma]

The FMAPs are very similar to the F-MIDRs. However, only selected F-MIDRs are available on the previously released Magellan MIDR CD-ROMs. The image on the left shows a section of the edge of Ganis Chasma on an FMAP (13N197, vol. MG_1164), on the right the same area from an F-MIDR (15N197, vol. MG_0025). Clicking on the thumbnails will give full-resolution versions of these images as seen on the CD-ROM's.

FMAPS have also been produced from the right-looking Cycle 2 radar data, and left-looking complementary FMAPS which can be used for stereo views of Venus. For more information on these see the FMAP CD-ROM data set record

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