CDAW Anonymous Files

There are several CDAW catalog and user guide files available for anonymous ftp access as listed below. All of these information files have ASCII text versions. HTML versions (with hyperlinks) of only the catalog files are also available. The CDAW Home Page provides an overview of the CDAW system.

These files are all small (less than 20 K bytes).


The detailed catalogs of data set variables are listed below, as is the full users guide, because they have much larger sizes. The HTML versions of the catalogs of variables are separated into parts to keep the sizes down, and the user should start with the HTML catalog of data sets given above, and follow the hyperlinks from there to the appropriate catalog of variables.

CDAW_6-7_variables.txt (159 K bytes)
CDAW_8_variables.txt (140 K bytes)
CDAW_9_variables.txt (239 K bytes)
User_Guide_Part_1.txt (45 K bytes)
User_Guide_Part_2.txt (38 K bytes)
User_Guide_Part_3.txt (43 K bytes)

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