Space Weather Relevant Assets at NASA's National Space Science Data Center

NASA's NSSDC hosts many assets relevant to the Space Weather endeavor, including Space Physics Models, Software Tools, and Spacecraft Data


* NSSDC provides access to a wide range of model coefficient sets, software, and identification of and WWW links to models hosted by other groups.

NSSDC provides users the option to execute set of models through WWW:

* International Reference Ionosphere (IRI), parametrized by the sunspot number and ionospheric index IG
* Standard Atmosphere Model (MSIS), parametrized by Ap and F10.7 indices
* International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) internal-source geomagnetic field
*External-sources Tsyganenko (T89c) magnetospheric field model & IGRF parameterized by Kp index
*External-sources Tsyganenko (T96_01) magnetospheric field model & IGRF parameterized by
the IMF By and Bz ,the solar wind dynamic pressure, and Dst index
* Trapped Electron and Proton (AE8/AP8) models parametrized by solar minimum vs. maximum


Among the tools of special interest are:

* CDAWeb for the retrieval and display of very recent ISTP key parameter data
* SSCWeb for the retrospective and predictive determination of spacecraft positions and magnetic conjunctions upon which the interpretation of realtime data frequently depends
* Heliocentric Ephemerides for Selected Spacecraft and Planets where coordinates are available for 12 spacecraft, 3 comets, and 7 planets
* GEO<>CGM coordinate transformations, as well as the MGM coordinates where we anticipate cases when one system depends on solar wind state and parametrized by the external-source magnetic field models, such as the future use of Tsyganenko's models based on IMF data from WIND and future ACE spacecraft which map lines of constant B-min from near the magnetospheric equatorial plane to low altitudes


NSSDC provides network access to a great deal of recent and older spacecraft data with which space weather algorithms may be tested. These include solar wind magnetic field and plasma data from IMP 8, ISEE 3, WIND, etc., magnetospheric data from DE 1, ISEE 1 and 2, POLAR, GEOTAIL, etc., and ionospheric and atmospheric data from AE-C, AE-D, and AE-E, ISIS 1 and 2, DE 2, ARCAD, etc.

* OMNIWeb (browse and retrieve Near Earth Solar Wind data)

* COHOWeb (browse and retrieve Heliospheric Field & Plasma data)

* ATMOWeb (browse and retrieve Atmospheric data)

* NSSDC anonymous FTP site

* Go to SPDF Space Weather Home Page
Authors: J.H.King and N. E. Papitashvili

If you have any questions/comments about this algorithm or computer code, contact: Dr. Natalia Papitashvili, FAX 301-286-1771, E-mail: natasha@nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov National Space Science Data Center, Mail Code 633, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771

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Version 1.0, February 1997
Last Updated: May 24, 2002 (NEP)