SPACEWARN Bulletin Number 459

C. Spacecraft Particularly Suited for International Participation: Category I

Optical objects used for geophysical studies. (SPACEWARN would appreciate suggestions to update this list.)

Designations, National Name                     Remarks

1965-098C (01807) ALOUETTE 2 rocket             gravitational field
1970-034B (04392) CHINA 1 rocket                atmospheric winds
1971-016A (04966) COSMOS 398                    atmospheric winds, air density
1975-072B (08063) COS-B second stage            atmospheric winds
1984-106A (15333) COSMOS 1603                   gravitational field
1985-100B (16194) METEOR 3-01 rocket            gravitational field
1988-021B (18961) IRS-1A rocket                 gravitational field

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