SPACEWARN Bulletin Number 476

A publication of NASA's National Space Science Data Center/World Data Center-A for Rockets and Satellites on behalf of IUWDS/COSPAR
June 25, 1993

SPACEWARN Activities

All information in this publication was received between May 25, 1993, and June 24, 1993.

A. List of New International Designations and Launch Dates.

USSPACECOM Catalog numbers are in parentheses.

1993-037A (22684) STS 57        Jun 21  1993-035A (22671) Molniya 1-86  May 26
    -036A (22675) Cosmos 2251   Jun 16

B. Text of Launch Announcements.

STS 57, a U.S.A. shuttle spacecraft, was launched from Cape Canaveral at 09:07 UT. It carried the SPACEHAB-01 research laboratory, designed for six experiments on material science and six biotechnology experiments. In addition, it was also expected to conduct five experiments of interest to JSC, one experiment relatable to a future space station, and one designed to grow non-linear optical crystals. STS 57 retrieved the EUREKA spacecraft that had been released from a previous shuttle. Initial orbital parameters are period 93.5 min, apogee 483 km, perigee 407 km, and inclination 28.4 deg.

Cosmos 2251, a C.I.S. spacecraft, was launched from Plesetsk by a Cosmos carrier rocket. Initial orbital parameters are period 101 min, apogee 821 km, perigee 783 km, and inclination 74 deg.

Molniya 1-86, a C.I.S. communications spacecraft, was launched from Plesetsk cosmodrome by a Molniya booster at 04:07 UT. Initial orbital parameters are period 12 hr, 17 min; apogee 40,883 km; perigee 454 km; and inclination 62.7 deg.

C. Spacecraft Particularly Suited for International Participation

Category I
  1. Spacecraft with essentially continuous radio beacons on frequencies less than 150 MHz, or higher frequencies if especially suited for ionospheric or geodetic studies. To see a list select here.

  2. Global Positioning System satellites useful for navigational purposes and geodetic studies. To see a list select here.

  3. Actual decays/landings of payload spacecraft and rocket bodies (R/B) only. Additional information is not available.

    Designations          Common Name               1993
    1993-033A (22663)    RESURS F-17               20 Jun
    1993-035B (22672)    R/B MOLNIYA 1-86          16 Jun
    1993-025B (22634)    R/B MOLNIYA 3-44          30 May
    1993-021A (22592)    COSMOS 2240               07 May
  4. Miscellaneous Items. (This section contains information/data that are entered on occasion and may not be repeated in each issue of the SPACEWARN Bulletin.)

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