SPACEWARN Bulletin Number 515

C. Spacecraft Particularly Suited for International Participation: Category I

Spacecraft with essentially continuous radio beacons on frequencies less than 150 MHz, or higher frequencies if especially suited for ionospheric or geodetic studies.(NNSS denotes U.S. Navy Navigational Satellite System; an asterisk [*] indicates updated/new information since the last issue.) Updates or corrections to the list are possible only with information from the user community.

Note: The full list last appeared in SPX 513. It will appear again only when major updates are made.

* Mr. Geoffrey Perry of the Kettering Group, Cornwall, England, has kindly provided the following revision to that list:

Designations           Epoch, Frequency, Power  Remarks
                       and Orbit Information

1996-004A (23773)      21 January 1996          INACTIVE. Replaced by
                       149.97 MHz               Cosmos 2334 on
                       399.92 MHz               11 September 1996.
                       Inclination: 82.98 deg
1996-052A (24304)      12 September 1996        ACTIVE in plane #1
                       150.03 MHz
                       400.08 MHz
                       Inclination 82.94 deg

SPACEWARN Bulletin Number 515
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