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Explorer Missions

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Over the years, NASA has launched a series of "Explorer" spacecraft carrying a wide variety of scientific investigations. The list below identifies the 74 successful and 4 unsuccessful missions as of this writing (March 2000). The list identifies the international ID for each spacecraft, its common name (different than "Explorer N" for most), its launch date, and a list of experiments and associated Principal Investigators associated with each. As of this writing, Explorers 50 (IMP 8), 67-74 and 77-78 (EUVE, SAMPEX, RXTE, FAST, ACE, SNOE, TRACE, SWAS, FUSE, and IMAGE) are still operating.

[Bar chart of Explorer lifetimes (Feb. 1998)]

A long-lived series of long-lived spacecraft

NASA's Explorer spacecraft series is not simply the longest running series of spacecraft, it has produced highly-durable (i.e., well-engineered) spacecraft as well. The diagram (current as of Feb. 1998) illustrates this point very clearly. Of the 73 successful Explorer missions depicted, fully five of them had had missions which lasted 10 or more years, the longest of which (IMP 8) has been operational for over 26 years now and still produces valuable information about the solar wind. NASA's IUE spacecraft operated for 19 years and produced copious amounts of data for the astronomical community. The ISEE 3/ICE spacecraft operated for 14 years. As of March of 2000, of the ten operational Explorer missions, SNOE and TRACE have operated for about two year, ACE two and a half years, FAST for about three and a half, RXTE for over four, EUVE and SAMPEX for nearly eight, and IMP 8 for more than 26. SWAS has been operational for slightly more than one year, having been launched in early December 1998. The latest two additions are FUSE (June 1999) and IMAGE (March 2000).

Listing of Explorer missions and experiments

  Satellite Name      NSSDC ID   Identification                     Contact

Explorer  1           58-001A    Explorer 1                02/01/58 US          
                      58-001A-01 Expl 1, Energetic Particles Exp    Van Allen   
                      58-001A-02 Explorer 1, Micrometeorite         Manring     
                      58-001A-03 Explorer 1, Atmos Drag Density     Jacchia     
Explorer  2           EXPLR2     Explorer 2, Failed        03/05/58 US          
Explorer  3           58-003A    Explorer 3                03/26/58 US          
                      58-003A-01 Expl 3, Cosmic Ray                 Van Allen   
                      58-003A-02 Explorer 3, Micrometeorite         Manring     
Explorer  4           58-005A    Explorer 4,1958 Epsilon,  07/26/58 US          
                      58-005A-01 Explorer 4,Charged Particle Det    Van Allen   
Explorer  5           EXPLR5     Explorer 5, Failed        08/24/58 ARPA        
Explorer  6           59-004A    Explorer 6                08/07/59 USAF-NASA   
                      59-004A-01 Expl 6,Triple Coinc Prop Counter   Simpson     
                      59-004A-02 Expl 6,Scintillation Counter       Sonett      
                      59-004A-03 Expl 6,Ion Ch+GM(E/1.55, 2.86,P)   Winckler    
                      59-004A-04 Expl 6,Search Coil Magnetometer    Sonett      
                      59-004A-05 Expl 6,Television                  Baker       
                      59-004A-06 Expl 6,Micrometeorites             Dubin       
                      59-004A-07 Expl 6,VLF Receiver                Helliwell   
                      59-004A-08 Expl 6,Fluxgate Magnetometer       Coleman     
                      59-004A-09 Expl 6,Beacon(108+378MHZ)          Graves      
Explorer  7           59-009A    Explorer 7                10/13/59 NASA        
                      59-009A-01 Explorer 7,Thermal Radiation       Suomi       
                      59-009A-02 Explorer 7,Solar Radiation         Friedman    
                      59-009A-03 Explorer 7,Heavy Prim Cosmic Ray   Pomerantz   
                      59-009A-04 Explorer 7,Radiation + Sol Proton  Van Allen   
                      59-009A-05 Explorer 7,Micrometeorite          Lagow       
                      59-009A-06 Explorer 7,RF Beacon (Zone)        Swenson     
Explorer  8           60-014A    Explorer 8                11/03/60 NASA-GSFC   
                      60-014A-01 Explorer 8,RF Impedance            Kane        
                      60-014A-02 Explorer 8,Ion Traps               Bourdeau    
                      60-014A-03 Explorer 8,Langmuir Probe          Berg        
                      60-014A-04 Explorer 8,Micrometeorites         Berg        
                      60-014A-05 Explorer 8,Micrometeorite          McCracken   
                      60-014A-06 Explorer 8,Electric Field Meter    Donley      
                      60-014A-07 Explorer 8,Atmos Drag Density      Jacchia     
Explorer  9           61-004A    Explorer 9,Balloon        02/16/61 NASA-LARC   
                      61-004A-01 Explorer 9,Atmospheric Drag        Osullivan   
Explorer 10           61-010A    P 14                      03/25/61 NASA-GSFC   
                      61-010A-01 P 14,RB-Vap+Flux-G Magnetometers   Heppner     
                      61-010A-02 P 14,Faraday Cup Plasma Probe      Bridge      
                      61-010A-03 P 14,Sun-Moon-Earth Aspect Sensor  Albus       
Explorer 11           61-013A    S 15                      04/27/61 NASA-GSFC   
                      61-013A-01 S 15,Gamma Ray Telescope           Kraushaar   
                      61-013A-02 S 15,Charged Particle              Garmire     
Explorer 12           61-020A    EPE-A                     08/16/61 NASA-GSFC   
                      61-020A-01 EPE-A,Electrostatic Analyzer       Bader       
                      61-020A-02 EPE-A,3-Axis Flux Magnetometer     Cahill      
                      61-020A-03 EPE-A,Charged Particle Experiment  Van Allen   
                      61-020A-04 EPE-A,CR Scint + Dbl Scint Tele    McDonald    
                      61-020A-05 EPE-A,0.1-10MeV Prot+Elec Scint    Davis       
                      61-020A-06 EPE-A,Solar Cell Damage            Longanekr   
Explorer 13           61-022A    S 55A                     08/25/61 NASA-LARC   
                      61-022A-01 S 55A,Pressurized Cell             Gurtler     
                      61-022A-02 S 55A,Copper Wire Card             Secretan    
                      61-022A-03 S 55A,Cadmium Sulfide Cell         Secretan    
                      61-022A-04 S 55A,Impact Detection             Beswick     
                      61-022A-05 S 55A,Grid Detectors                           
Explorer 14           62-051A    EPE-B                     10/02/62 NASA-GSFC   
                      62-051A-01 EPE-B,Electrostatic Analyzer       Wolfe       
                      62-051A-02 EPE-B,Fluxgate Magnetometer        Cahill      
                      62-051A-03 EPE-B,Trapped Particles            Van Allen   
                      62-051A-04 EPE-B,C.R.Scint+DBL Scint Tele     McDonald    
                      62-051A-05 EPE-B,0.1-10 MeV Prtn Elect Scint  Davis       
                      62-051A-06 EPE-B,Solar Aspect Sensor          Albus       
                      62-051A-07 EPE-B,Electrolytic Timer Exp.      Libby       
                      62-051A-08 EPE-B,Solar Cell Damage Exp.       Longanekr   
Explorer 15           62-059A    EPE-C                     10/27/62 NASA-GSFC   
                      62-059A-01 EPE-C,Electron Energy Distr        Brown       
                      62-059A-02 EPE-C,Omni+Dir(E/5,.5 P 40-110)    McIlwain    
                      62-059A-03 EPE-C,Angular Distribution         Brown       
                      62-059A-04 EPE-C,Comb. With 62-059A-02        McIlwain    
                      62-059A-05 EPE-C,0.1-10MeV Prot+Elect Scint   Davis       
                      62-059A-06 EPE-C,Fluxgate Magnetometer        Cahill      
Explorer 16           62-070A    S 55B                     12/16/62 NASA-LARC   
                      62-070A-01 S 55B,Pressurized Cells            Gurtler     
                      62-070A-02 S 55B,Grid Detectors               Davison     
                      62-070A-03 S 55B,Copper Wire Card             Secretan    
                      62-070A-04 S 55B,Micrometeorite               Beswick     
                      62-070A-05 S 55B,Cadium Sulphide Cell         Secretan    
Explorer 17           63-009A    AE-A                      04/03/63 NASA-GSFC   
                      63-009A-01 AE-A,Mass Spectrometer             Reber       
                      63-009A-02 AE-A,Electrostatic Probes          Brace       
                      63-009A-03 AE-A,Pressure Gauge                Newton      
Explorer 18           63-046A    IMP-A                     11/27/63 NASA-GSFC   
                      63-046A-01 IMP-A,Retard Potent Anal, E+P      Serbu       
                      63-046A-02 IMP-A,Fluxgate Magnetometer        Ness        
                      63-046A-03 IMP-A,C.R. Protons(R vs DE/DX)     Simpson     
                      63-046A-04 IMP-A,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      63-046A-05 IMP-A,Energetic Particle Exp       Anderson    
                      63-046A-06 IMP-A,Electrostatic Analyzer       Wolfe       
                      63-046A-07 IMP-A,Faraday Cup                  Bridge      
Explorer 19           63-053A    AD-A                      12/19/63 NASA-LARC   
                      63-053A-01 AD-A,Nonsyst Changes Air Density   Jacchia     
                      63-053A-02 AD-A,Systematic Changes Air Den.   Keating     
Explorer 20           64-051A    IE-A                      08/25/64 NASA-NBS    
                      64-051A-01 IE-A,Fixed Freq Ionosonde          Knecht      
                      64-051A-02 IE-A,Ion Probe                     Boyd        
                      64-051A-03 IE-A,Cosmic Noise                  Stone       
Explorer 21           64-060A    IMP-B                     10/04/64 NASA-GSFC   
                      64-060A-01 IMP-B,Retard Potent Anal, E + P    Serbu       
                      64-060A-02 IMP-B,Fluxgate Magnetometer        Ness        
                      64-060A-03 IMP-B,C.R. Protons (R vs DE/DX)    Simpson     
                      64-060A-04 IMP-B,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      64-060A-05 IMP-B,Total Ionization Experiment  Anderson    
                      64-060A-06 IMP-B,Electrostatic Analyzer       Wolfe       
                      64-060A-07 IMP-B,Faraday Cup                  Bridge      
Explorer 22           64-064A    BE-B                      10/10/64 NASA-APL    
                      64-064A-01 BE-B,RF Beacon                     Blumle      
                      64-064A-02 BE-B,Langmuir Probe                Brace       
                      64-064A-03 BE-B,Laser Reflector               Plotkin     
                      64-064A-04 BE-B,US Navy Doppler               Anderle     
Explorer 23           64-074A    S 55C                     11/06/64 NASA-LARC   
                      64-074A-01 S 55C,Pressurized Cells            Gurtler     
                      64-074A-02 S 55C,Impact Detectors             Holden      
                      64-074A-03 S 55C,Cadium Sulfide Cells         Secretan    
                      64-074A-04 S 55C,Capacity Detectors           Siviter     
Explorer 24           64-076A    AD-B                      11/21/64 NASA-LARC   
                      64-076A-01 AD-B,Nonsyst Changes Air Density   Jacchia     
                      64-076A-02 AD-B,Systematic Changes Air Den.   Keating     
Explorer 25           64-076B    Injun 4                   11/21/64 SUI-GSFC    
                      64-076B-01 Injun 4, See 64-076B               Van Allen   
                      64-076B-02 Injun 4,Retarding Potential Anal   Sagalyn     
                      64-076B-03 Injun 4,GM Detectors (7)           Van Allen   
                      64-076B-04 Injun 4,P-N Junction Detector      Van Allen   
                      64-076B-05 Injun 4,CDS Detector               Van Allen   
                      64-076B-06 Injun 4,Plastic Scintillators      Van Allen   
                      64-076B-07 Injun 4, Deleted Mag-JJB See Rmk   Van Allen   
Explorer 26           64-086A    EPE-D                     12/21/64 NASA-GSFC   
                      64-086A-01 EPE-D,Charged Particle             Brown       
                      64-086A-02 EPE-D,Electron Proton              McIlwain    
                      64-086A-03 EPE-D,Magnetic Field               Cahill      
                      64-086A-04 EPE-D,0.1-10MeV Prot+Elec Scint    Davis       
                      64-086A-05 EPE-D,Solar Cell Damage            Slifer      
Explorer 27           65-032A    BE-C                      04/29/65 NASA-APL    
                      65-032A-01 BE-C,RF Beacon                     Blumle      
                      65-032A-02 BE-C,Langmuir Probe                Brace       
                      65-032A-03 BE-C,Laser Reflector               Berbert     
                      65-032A-04 BE-C,Navy Doppler                  Anderle     
Explorer 28           65-042A    IMP-C                     05/29/65 NASA-GSFC   
                      65-042A-01 IMP-C,Retard Potent Anal,E + P     Serbu       
                      65-042A-02 IMP-C,Magnetometers                Ness        
                      65-042A-03 IMP-C,C.R. Protons (R vs DE/DX)    Simpson     
                      65-042A-04 IMP-C,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      65-042A-05 IMP-C,Total Ionization Exp         Anderson    
                      65-042A-06 IMP-C,Electrostatic Analyzer       Wolfe       
                      65-042A-07 IMP-C,Faraday Cup                  Bridge      
Explorer 29           65-089A    GEOS 1                    11/06/65 NASA-OSSA   
                      65-089A-01 GEOS 1,Optical Beacon System       Williston   
                      65-089A-02 GEOS 1,Laser Corner Reflector      Plotkin     
                      65-089A-03 GEOS 1,Doppler System              Anderle     
                      65-089A-04 GEOS 1,SECOR (US Army)             McCall      
                      65-089A-05 GEOS 1,NASA Range and Rate         Berbert     
                      65-089A-06 GEOS 1,NASA Minitrack              Kohout      
Explorer 30           65-093A    SOLRAD 8                  11/19/65 NASA-NRL    
                      65-093A-01 SOLRAD 8,Solar Radiation           Kreplin     
Explorer 31           65-098B    DME-A                     11/29/65 NASA-APL    
                      65-098B-01 DME-A,Thermal Ion Probe            Maier       
                      65-098B-02 DME-A,Cyl. Electrostatic Probes    Brace       
                      65-098B-03 DME-A,Electron Temperature Probe   Willmore    
                      65-098B-04 DME-A,Spherical Ion Mass Spectrom  Willmore    
                      65-098B-05 DME-A,Magnetic Ion Mass Spect      Hoffman     
                      65-098B-06 DME-A,Thermal Electron Probe       Maier       
                      65-098B-07 DME-A,Energetic Electron Curr Mon  Maier       
Explorer 32           66-044A    AE-B                      05/25/66 NASA-GSFC   
                      66-044A-01 AE-B,RF Ion Mass                   Brinton     
                      66-044A-02 AE-B,Neutral Mag Mass Spect        Reber       
                      66-044A-03 AE-B,Atmospheric Drag              Jacchia     
                      66-044A-04 AE-B,Redhead Ioniz Gauges          Newton      
                      66-044A-05 AE-B,Elect Temp and Density        Brace       
Explorer 33           66-058A    IMP-D                     07/01/66 NASA-GSFC   
                      66-058A-01 IMP-D,Magnetometer                 Ness        
                      66-058A-02 IMP-D,Retard Potent Anal, E+P      Serbu       
                      66-058A-03 IMP-D,3 Axis Fluxgate Magnetomtr   Sonett      
                      66-058A-04 IMP-D,Ion Chamber+Geiger Counter   Anderson    
                      66-058A-05 IMP-D,GM Cntr+Solid State Detect   Van Allen   
                      66-058A-06 IMP-D,Faraday Cup                  Bridge      
                      66-058A-07 IMP-D,Solar Cell Damage            Slifer      
Explorer 34           67-051A    IMP-F                     05/24/67 NASA-GSFC   
                      67-051A-01 IMP-F,Low Energy Telescope         Brown       
                      67-051A-02 IMP-F,Ion Chamber                  Anderson    
                      67-051A-03 IMP-F,C.R. Proton (R vs DE/DX)     Simpson     
                      67-051A-04 IMP-F,LEPEDEA,Low Energy Particle  Van Allen   
                      67-051A-05 IMP-F,Cosmic Ray Anisotropy        McCracken   
                      67-051A-06 IMP-F,Electrostatic Analyzer       Harrison    
                      67-051A-07 IMP-F,Solar Proton Monitor         Bostrom     
                      67-051A-08 IMP-F,Elect Analyzer + V Select    Ogilvie     
                      67-051A-09 IMP-F,Low Energy Proton+Alpha Det  McDonald    
                      67-051A-10 IMP-F,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      67-051A-11 IMP-F,Magnetic Field Experiment    Ness        
Explorer 35           67-070A    IMP-E                     07/19/67 NASA-GSFC   
                      67-070A-01 IMP-E,GM Cntr + Solid State Det    Van Allen   
                      67-070A-02 IMP-E,Energetic Particle Flux      Anderson    
                      67-070A-03 IMP-E,3Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer  Sonett      
                      67-070A-04 IMP-E,Magnetometer                 Ness        
                      67-070A-05 IMP-E,Micrometeorites              Alexander   
                      67-070A-06 IMP-E,Faraday Cup                  Bridge      
                      67-070A-07 IMP-E,Retard Potential Anal, E+P   Serbu       
                      67-070A-08 IMP-E,Cislunar RF Beacon           Peterson    
                      67-070A-09 IMP-E,Selenodetic Studies          Kaula       
                      67-070A-10 IMP-E,Solar Cell Damage            Slifer      
Explorer 36           68-002A    GEOS 2                    01/11/68 NASA-APL    
                      68-002A-01 GEOS 2,Optical Beacon System       Williston   
                      68-002A-02 GEOS 2,Laser Corner Reflector      Plotkin     
                      68-002A-03 GEOS 2,Navy Doppler System         Anderle     
                      68-002A-04 GEOS 2,US Army SECOR System        McCall      
                      68-002A-05 GEOS 2,Goddard RANDRR System       Berbert     
                      68-002A-06 GEOS 2,C-Band Radar System         Stanley     
                      68-002A-07 GEOS 2,NASA Minitrack Network      Kohout      
                      68-002A-08 GEOS 2,Precipitating Electrons     Bostrom     
                      68-002A-09 GEOS 2,Magnetometer                Armstrong   
Explorer 37           68-017A    SOLRAD 9                  03/05/68 USN         
                      68-017A-01 SOLRAD 9,Solar Radiation           Kreplin     
Explorer 38           68-055A    RAE-A                     07/04/68 NASA-GSFC   
                      68-055A-01 RAE-A,Radio Astronomy 9 Freq. V    Stone       
                      68-055A-02 RAE-A,Radio Bursts Receivers       Stone       
                      68-055A-03 RAE-A,Capacitance Probe            Stone       
                      68-055A-04 RAE-A,Impedance Probe              Stone       
                      68-055A-05 RAE-A,Electron Density             Stone       
Explorer 39           68-066A    AD-C                      08/08/68 NASA-LARC   
                      68-066A-01 AD-C,Nonsyst Changes Air Density   Jacchia     
                      68-066A-02 AD-C,Systematic Changes Air Den.   Keating     
Explorer 40           68-066B    Injun 5                   08/08/68 SUI         
                      68-066B-01 INJUN 5,L Engr Pr+El Diff En Anal  Frank       
                      68-066B-02 INJUN 5,VLF Receiver,30cps-16kc    Gurnett     
                      68-066B-03 INJUN 5,S.S. Det.(Proton,Elect)    Van Allen   
                      68-066B-04 INJUN 5,Spherical Ret. Pot. Anal.  Sagalyn     
                      68-066B-05 INJUN 5,Delet by JJB,See Remarks               
                      68-066B-06 INJUN 5,Delet by JJB, See Remarks              
Explorer 41           69-053A    IMP-G                     06/21/69 NASA-GSFC   
                      69-053A-01 IMP-G,Low Energy Telescope         Brown       
                      69-053A-02 IMP-G,Ion Chamber                  Anderson    
                      69-053A-03 IMP-G,Cos Ray Protons(R vs DE/DX)  Simpson     
                      69-053A-04 IMP-G,LEPEDEA,Low Ener Prot+Elect  Frank       
                      69-053A-05 IMP-G,Cosmic Ray Aniotropy         McCracken   
                      69-053A-06 IMP-G,Elect Anal (Rpl by 12+13)    Harrison    
                      69-053A-07 IMP-G,Solar Proton Monitor         Bostrom     
                      69-053A-08 IMP-G,Electrostatic Plasma Analy   Ogilvie     
                      69-053A-09 IMP-G,Low Energy Proton+Alpha Det  McDonald    
                      69-053A-10 IMP-G,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      69-053A-11 IMP-G,Magnetic Field Experiment    Ness        
                      69-053A-12 IMP-G,Channeltron Particle Detect  Anderson    
                      69-053A-13 IMP-G,Second LEPEDEA               Frank       
Explorer 42           70-107A    Uhuru                     12/12/70 NASA-GSFC   
                      70-107A-01 SAS-A,X-Ray All-Sky Survey         Giacconi    
Explorer 43           71-019A    IMP-I                     03/13/71 NASA-GSFC   
                      71-019A-01 IMP-I,Three Axis Magnetometer      Ness        
                      71-019A-02 IMP-I,DC Electric Fields           Aggson      
                      71-019A-03 IMP-I,Iowa AC Elect+Mag Fields     Gurnett     
                      71-019A-04 IMP-I,Solar Plasma Elect Analyzer  Ogilvie     
                      71-019A-05 IMP-I,Elect + Proton,25eV-50KeV    Frank       
                      71-019A-06 IMP-I,GM Detector Proton+Electron  Anderson    
                      71-019A-07 IMP-I,Solar Proton Monitor         Bostrom     
                      71-019A-08 IMP-I,Cosmic Rays (E vs DE/DX)     McDonald    
                      71-019A-09 IMP-I,Cosmic Rays Nuclear Comp     Simpson     
                      71-019A-10 IMP-I,Solar Elect Scintillator     Cline       
                      71-019A-11 IMP-I,Plasma                       Bame        
                      71-019A-12 IMP-I,Minn AC Elec + Mag Fields    Kellog      
                      71-019A-13 IMP-I,Michigan Radio Astronomy     Haddock     
                      71-019A-14 IMP-I,Deleted by CDW                           
                      71-019A-15 IMP-I,UMD/GSFC Radio Astronomy     Erickson    
                      71-019A-16 IMP-I,GSFC AC Electric Fields      Aggson      
                      71-019A-17 IMP-I,Project AC E+B Fields        Gurnett     
                      71-019A-18 IMP-I,Project Radio Astronomy      Erickson    
Explorer 44           71-058A    SOLRAD 10                 07/08/71 USN-NASA    
                      71-058A-01 SOLRAD 10,Solar X-Ray UV Detect    Kreplin     
                      71-058A-02 SOLRAD 10,Stellar X-Ray Telescope  Kreplin     
Explorer 45           71-096A    S-Cubed A                 11/15/71 NASA-GSFC   
                      71-096A-01 S-Cubed A,0.8-25KeV Ele+Prt Anal   Hoffman     
                      71-096A-02 S-Cubed A,25-872 KeV Prot+Alp Det  Fritz       
                      71-096A-03 S-Cubed A,35-400KeV Elect-SS Det   Williams    
                      71-096A-04 S-Cubed A,Fluxgate Magnetometers   Cahill      
                      71-096A-05 S-Cubed A,Search Coil Magnetom     Cahill      
                      71-096A-06 S-Cubed A,DC Electric Field Meas   Maynard     
                      71-096A-07 S-Cubed A,AC Electric Field Meas   Gurnett     
Explorer 46           72-061A    Meteoroid Technology Sat  08/13/72 NASA-LARC   
                      72-061A-01 Meteo.Tech.Sat.,Bumper Panels      Humes       
                      72-061A-02 Meteo.Tech.Sat.,Meteoroid Veloc    Alvarez     
                      72-061A-03 Meteo.Tech.Sat.,Impact Flux        Alvarez     
Explorer 47           72-073A    IMP-H                     09/23/72 NASA-GSFC   
                      72-073A-01 IMP-H,Tri-Axis Magnetometer        Ness        
                      72-073A-02 IMP-H,Solar Plasma, Faraday Cup    Bridge      
                      72-073A-03 IMP-H,Solar Ions+Electron,100KeV   Gloeckler   
                      72-073A-04 IMP-H,LEPEDEA 25eV - 50KeV         Frank       
                      72-073A-05 IMP-H,Elect+Proton Tele gr 50KeV   Williams    
                      72-073A-06 IMP-H,Electrons+H+He Sld           Stone       
                      72-073A-07 IMP-H,Cosmic Ray Nclr Comp         Simpson     
                      72-073A-08 IMP-H,Particle Telescope+GM Tubes  Krimigis    
                      72-073A-09 IMP-H,Cosmic Rays(E vs DE/DX)      McDonald    
                      72-073A-10 IMP-H,Plasma Electro Analyzer      Bame        
                      72-073A-11 IMP-H,Plasma Wave Experiment       Scarf       
                      72-073A-12 IMP-H,Ion Composition              Ogilvie     
                      72-073A-13 IMP-H,Solar Electrons              Cline       
Explorer 48           72-091A    SAS-B                     11/15/72 NASA-GSFC   
                      72-091A-01 SAS-B,Hi-Energy Gamma-Ray Tele     Fichtel     
Explorer 49           73-039A    RAE-B                     06/10/73 NASA-GSFC   
                      73-039A-01 RAE-B,Radio Ast 9 Freq V Ant       Stone       
                      73-039A-02 RAE-B,Radio Burst Receiver         Stone       
                      73-039A-03 RAE-B,Impedance Probe              Stone       
Explorer 50           73-078A    IMP-J                     10/26/73 NASA-GSFC   
                      73-078A-01 IMP-J,Tri-Axis Magnetometer        Lepping     
                      73-078A-02 IMP-J,Solar Plasma, Faraday Cup    Lazarus     
                      73-078A-03 IMP-J,Solar Ions+Electrons,100KeV  Gloeckler   
                      73-078A-04 IMP-J,Elect + Proton,25eV-50KeV    Frank       
                      73-078A-05 IMP-J,Elect + Proton, Tele Gr      Williams    
                      73-078A-06 IMP-J,Elec+H+He Solid St Tele      Stone       
                      73-078A-07 IMP-J,Cosmic Ray Nuclear Comp      Simpson     
                      73-078A-08 IMP-J,Particle Tele + GM Tubes     Krimigis    
                      73-078A-09 IMP-J,Cosmic Rays(E vs DE/DX)      McDonald    
                      73-078A-10 IMP-J,Plasma,Electro. Analyzer     Bame        
                      73-078A-11 IMP-J,DC Electric Fields           Aggson      
                      73-078A-12 IMP-J,AC Electric,Magnetic Fields  Gurnett     
Explorer 51           73-101A    AE-C                      12/16/73 NASA-GSFC   
                      73-101A-01 AE-C,Cyl Electrostatic Probe(CEP)  Brace       
                      73-101A-02 AE-C,Tri-Axis Acc Sys  (MESA)      Champion    
                      73-101A-03 AE-C,Photoelect. Sectrom  (PES)    Doering     
                      73-101A-04 AE-C,Retard Potent Analyzer (RPA)  Hanson      
                      73-101A-05 AE-C,Extreme Sol UV Monitor(ESUM)  Heath       
                      73-101A-06 AE-C,Solar EUV Spectrometer(EUVS)  Hinteregg   
                      73-101A-07 AE-C,Open Source Spectrom (OSS)    Nier        
                      73-101A-08 AE-C,Neutral Atmos Comp Exp(NACE)  Pelz        
                      73-101A-09 AE-C,Neutral Atmos Temp Exp(NATE)  Spencer     
                      73-101A-10 AE-C,Mag Ion Mass Spectrom(MIMS)   Hoffman     
                      73-101A-11 AE-C,Bennett Ion Mass Spect(BIMS)  Brinton     
                      73-101A-12 AE-C,Low Energy Elect Exp   (LEE)  Hoffman     
                      73-101A-13 AE-C,UV Nitric Oxide Exper (UVNO)  Barth       
                      73-101A-14 AE-C,Visible Airglow Exp   (VAE)   Hays        
                      73-101A-15 AE-C,Cold Cathode Pres Gauge(PSB)  Rice        
                      73-101A-16 AE-C,Capac. Pressure Gauge  (PSA)  Rice        
                      73-101A-17 AE-C,Magnetometer           (MAG)  Zmuda       
                      73-101A-18 AE-C,Temperature Alarm      (TAL)  Caruso      
Explorer 52           74-040A    Hawkeye 1                 06/03/74 NASA-LARC   
                      74-040A-01 Hawkeye,Magnetometer               Van Allen   
                      74-040A-02 Hawkeye,LEPEDEA                    Frank       
                      74-040A-03 Hawkeye,ELF-VLF                    Gurnett     
Explorer 53           75-037A    SAS-C                     05/07/75 NASA-GSFC   
                      75-037A-01 SAS-C,Extragalactic 1.5-10KeV      Clark       
                      75-037A-02 SAS-C,Scorpio Monitor 0.4-80KeV    Clark       
                      75-037A-03 SAS-C,Galactic Abs. 0.2-10KeV      Clark       
                      75-037A-04 SAS-C,Galactic Monitor 1.8-8KeV    Clark       
Explorer 54           75-096A    AE-D                      10/06/75 NASA-GSFC   
                      75-096A-01 AE-D,Cyl Electrost Probe (CEP)     Brace       
                      75-096A-02 AE-D,Tri-Ax Acc System (MESA)      Champion    
                      75-096A-03 AE-D,Photoelect Spect (PES)        Doering     
                      75-096A-04 AE-D,Retard Potent Analyzer(RPA)   Hanson      
                      75-096A-06 AE-D,Solar EUV Spect (EUVS)        Hinteregg   
                      75-096A-07 AE-D,Open Source Spect (OSS)       Nier        
                      75-096A-08 AE-D,Neut Atmos Comp Exp (NACE)    Hedin       
                      75-096A-09 AE-D,Neut Atmos Temp Exp (NATE)    Spencer     
                      75-096A-10 AE-D,Mag Ion Mass Spect  (MIMS)    Hoffman     
                      75-096A-11 AE-D,UV Nitric Oxide Exp(UVNO)     Barth       
                      75-096A-12 AE-D,Low Energy Electron Exp(LEE)  Hoffman     
                      75-096A-13 AE-D,Visible Airglow Exp (VAE)     Hays        
                      75-096A-14 AE-D,Capacitance Press Gauge(PSA)  Rice        
                      75-096A-15 AE-D,Cold Cath Press Gauge  (PSB)  Rice        
                      75-096A-17 AE-D,Reflected Gas       (MRMU)    Scialdone   
                      75-096A-18 AE-D,Plan Atmos Comp Test(PACT)    Niemann     
Explorer 55           75-107A    AE-E                      11/20/75 NASA-GSFC   
                      75-107A-01 AE-E,CEP-Cyl Electrostatic Probe   Brace       
                      75-107A-02 AE-E,Tri-Axial Acc Sys (MESA)      Champion    
                      75-107A-03 AE-E,PES-Photoelect Spectrometer   Doering     
                      75-107A-04 AE-E,RPA-Retarding Potent Anal     Hanson      
                      75-107A-05 AE-E,Extrm Solar UV Monit(ESUM)    Heath       
                      75-107A-06 AE-E,Solar EUV Spect (EUVS)        Hinteregg   
                      75-107A-07 AE-E,Open Source Spectrom (OSS)    Nier        
                      75-107A-08 AE-E,Neut Atmos Comp Exp (NACE)    Hedin       
                      75-107A-09 AE-E,Neut Atmos Temp Exp (NATE)    Spencer     
                      75-107A-10 AE-E,Bennett Ion Mass Spec(BIMS)   Brinton     
                      75-107A-11 AE-E,Visible Airglow Exp (VAE)     Hays        
                      75-107A-12 AE-E,Capacitance Press Gauge(PSB)  Rice        
                      75-107A-13 AE-E,Cold Cath Press Gauge  (PSA)  Rice        
                      75-107A-16 AE-E,Backscatter UV Spect  (BUV)   Heath       
                      75-107A-17 AE-E,Temperature Alarm (TAL)       Caruso      
                      75-107A-18 AE-E,Radiation Damage Exp (CREM)   Cliff       
                      75-107A-19 AE-E,Ener Analyz Spec Test (EAST)  Hoffman     
Explorer 56           77-102A    ISEE 1                    10/22/77 NASA-GSFC   
                      77-102A-01 ISEE 1,Fast Plasma & Sol Wind Ion  Bame        
                      77-102A-02 ISEE 1,Fast Electrons              Ogilvie     
                      77-102A-03 ISEE 1,Hot Plasma                  Frank       
                      77-102A-04 ISEE 1,Fluxgate Magnetometer       Russell     
                      77-102A-05 ISEE 1,Low Energy Cosmic Rays      Gloeckler   
                      77-102A-06 ISEE 1,Quasi-Static Electric Fld   Cattell     
                      77-102A-07 ISEE 1,Plasma Waves                Gurnett     
                      77-102A-08 ISEE 1,Plasma Density              Harvey      
                      77-102A-09 ISEE 1,Energetic Elect & Protons   Williams    
                      77-102A-10 ISEE 1,Electrons and Protons       Anderson    
                      77-102A-11 ISEE 1,DC Electric Fields-GSFC     Heppner     
                      77-102A-12 ISEE 1,Ion Composition             Lennartss   
                      77-102A-13 ISEE 1,VLF Wave Propagation        Helliwell   
                      77-102A-14 ISEE 1,Gamma-Ray Bursts            Cline       
Explorer 57           78-012A    IUE                       01/26/78 NASA-ESA    
                      78-012A-01 IUE,Ultraviolet Spectrograph       NASA-GSFC   
                      78-012A-02 IUE,Particle Flux Monitor          Bostrom     
Explorer 58           78-041A    HCMM                      04/26/78 NASA-OA     
                      78-041A-01 HCMM,Radiometer (HCMR)             Barnes      
Explorer 59           78-079A    ISEE 3                    08/12/78 NASA-GSFC   
                      78-079A-01 ISEE 3,Solar Wind Plasma           Gosling     
                      78-079A-02 ISEE 3,Magnetic Fields             Smith       
                      78-079A-03 ISEE 3,Low-Energy Cosmic Rays      Gloeckler   
                      78-079A-04 ISEE 3,Med Energy Cosmic Rays      Von Rosen   
                      78-079A-05 ISEE 3,Hi Energy Cosmic Rays       Wiedenbec   
                      78-079A-06 ISEE 3,Cosmic Ray Electrns,Nuclei  Evenson     
                      78-079A-07 ISEE 3,Plasma Waves                Greenstad   
                      78-079A-08 ISEE 3,Energetic Protons           Hynds       
                      78-079A-09 ISEE 3,Intplan & Solar Electrons   Anderson    
                      78-079A-10 ISEE 3,Radio Mapping               Steinberg   
                      78-079A-11 ISEE 3,Solar Wind Ion Composition  Ogilvie     
                      78-079A-12 ISEE 3,High-Energy Cosmic Rays     Stone       
                      78-079A-13 ISEE 3,Ground Based Solar Studies  Wilcox      
                      78-079A-14 ISEE 3,X- and Gamma-Ray Bursts     Anderson    
                      78-079A-15 ISEE 3,Gamma-Ray Bursts            Teegarden   
Explorer 60           79-013A    SAGE                      02/18/79 NASA-OA     
                      79-013A-01 SAGE,Strat Aero & Gas Exper        McCormick   
Explorer 61           79-094A    Magsat                    10/30/79 NASA-GSFC   
                      79-094A-01 Magsat,Scalar Magnetometer         Langel      
                      79-094A-02 Magsat,Vector Magnetometer         Langel      
Explorer 62           81-070A    Dynamics Explorer 1       08/03/81 NASA-GSFC   
                      81-070A-01 DE 1,Magnetic Field Obs(MAG-A)     Sugiura     
                      81-070A-02 DE 1,Plasma Wave Instrument(PWI)   Shawhan     
                      81-070A-03 DE 1,Spin Scan Auror Imager(SAI)   Frank       
                      81-070A-04 DE 1,Retard Ion Mass Spec(RIMS)    Chappell    
                      81-070A-05 DE 1,Hi Alt Plasma Instrum(HAPI)   Burch       
                      81-070A-06 DE 1,Energet Ion Comp Spec(EICS)   Shelley     
                      81-070A-07 DE 1,Auroral Physics Investig      Maggs       
                      81-070A-08 DE 1,Cont&Nat Wave-Part Interact   Helliwell   
Explorer 63           81-070B    Dynamics Explorer 2       08/03/81 NASA-GSFC   
                      81-070B-01 DE 2,Magnetic Field Obs(MAG-B)     Sugiura     
                      81-070B-02 DE 2,Vector E Field Instr(VEFI)    Maynard     
                      81-070B-03 DE 2,Neut Atmos Comp Spect(NACS)   Carignan    
                      81-070B-04 DE 2,Wind & Temp Spectrom(WATS)    Spencer     
                      81-070B-05 DE 2,Fabry-Perot Interfer(FPI)     Hays        
                      81-070B-06 DE 2,Ion Drift Meter (IDM)         Heelis      
                      81-070B-07 DE 2,Retarding Poten Analyz(RPA)   Hanson      
                      81-070B-08 DE 2,Low Alt Plasma Instr(LAPI)    Winningha   
                      81-070B-09 DE 2,Langmuir Probe Instr(LANG)    Brace       
                      81-070B-10 DE 2,Magnet Ener Coupling to Atm   Nagy        
                      81-070B-11 DE 2,Neut-Plasma Interact Invest   Roble       
                      81-070B-12 DE 2,Atmos Dynam and Energet Inv   Mayr        
                      81-070B-13 DE 2,Low Alt Plas Invest-Hi Resol  Hoffman     
Explorer 64           81-100A    SME                       10/06/81 NASA-OSS    
                      81-100A-01 SME,Limb View UV Ozone Spect       Barth       
                      81-100A-02 SME,Infrared Radiometer            Barth       
                      81-100A-03 SME,Near IR(1.27-Mircon)Spectrom   Barth       
                      81-100A-04 SME,Visible Nitrogen Dioxide       Barth       
                      81-100A-05 SME,Solar UV Monitor               Barth       
                      81-100A-06 SME,Solar Proton Alarm             Barth       
Explorer 65           84-088A    AMPTE/CCE                 08/16/84 NASA-GSFC   
                      84-088A-01 AMPTE/CCE,Hot Plasma Composition   Shelley     
                      84-088A-02 AMPTE/CCE,Med Energy Part Analyz   McEntire    
                      84-088A-03 AMPTE/CCE,Charge-E-Mass Spectrom   Gloeckler   
                      84-088A-04 AMPTE/CCE,Plasma Wave Experiment   Scarf       
                      84-088A-05 AMPTE/CCE,CCE Magnetometer         Potemra     
Explorer 66           89-089A    Cosmic Background Explor  11/18/89 NASA-GSFC   
                      89-089A-01 COBE,Far IR Absolute Spectrophot   Mather      
                      89-089A-02 COBE,Diffuse IR Background Exper   Hauser      
                      89-089A-03 COBE,Differential Microwave Radio  Smoot       
Explorer 67           92-031A    EUVE                      06/07/92 NASA        
                      92-031A-01 EUVE,EUV Full-Sky Survey           Bowyer      
                      92-031A-02 EUVE,EUV Deep-Sky survey           Bowyer      
Explorer 68           92-038A    SAMPEX                    07/03/92 NASA-GSFC   
                      92-038A-01 SAMPEX,Low-E Ion Comp Anal(LICA)   Mason       
                      92-038A-02 SAMPEX,Heavy Ion Large Tele(HILT)  Klecker     
                      92-038A-03 SAMPEX,Mass Spect Telescope(MAST)  Mewaldt     
                      92-038A-04 SAMPEX,Proton,Electron Telescope   Mewaldt     
Explorer 69           95-074A    X-Ray Timing Explorer     12/30/95 NASA-GSFC   
                      95-074A-01 XTE,X-Ray Sky Monitor              Bradt       
                      95-074A-02 XTE,Large Area X-Ray Prop Counter  Holt        
                      95-074A-03 XTE,High Energy X-Ray Timing       Rothschil   
Explorer 70           96-049A    FAST                      08/21/96 NASA-GSFC   
                      96-049A-01 FAST,ESA;Electrostatic Analyzers   Carlson     
                      96-049A-02 FAST,TEAMS;E Mass Ang Spectrogph   Carlson     
                      96-049A-03 FAST,EFLP;E-Field Lang Probe Exp   Carlson     
                      96-049A-04 FAST,3-Ax Flxgt+srch Coil Magntom  Carlson     
Explorer 71           97-045A    Advanced Composition Exp. 08/25/97 NASA-OSS    
                      97-045A-01 ACE,Solar Wind Ion Mass Spectrom.  Gloeckler   
                      97-045A-02 ACE,Solar Wind Ion Comp.Spectrom.  Gloeckler   
                      97-045A-03 ACE,Ultra-Lo-E Isotope Spectrom.   Gold        
                      97-045A-04 ACE,Sol Enrg Part Ion Chrg Analyz  Moebius     
                      97-045A-05 ACE,Solar Isotope Spectrometer     Cummings    
                      97-045A-06 ACE,Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrom.   Cummings    
                      97-045A-07 ACE,SW Electrn,Protn&Alpha Monitr  McComas     
                      97-045A-08 ACE,Enrg.Elect,Protn,Alpha Monitr  Gold        
                      97-045A-09 ACE,Magnetometer                   Ness        
                      97-045A-10 ACE,Real Time Solar Wind - NOAA    Zwickl      
Explorer 72           98-012A    SNOE                      02/26/98 US          
                      98-012A-01 SNOE,UVS,UV Spectrometer           Solomon     
                      98-012A-02 SNOE,Auroral Photometer (AP)       Solomon     
                      98-012A-03 SNOE,SXP,Solar X-Ray, 0.2-3.5A     Solomon     
Explorer 73           98-020A    TRACE                     04/02/98 NASA-GSFC   
                      98-020A-01 TRACE Imaging Telescope            Title       
Explorer 74           98-071A    SWAS                      12/06/98 NASA-GSFC   
                      98-071A-01 SWAS,Submillimeter Wave Telescope  Melnick     
Explorer 75           99-011A    WIRE, Failed              03/05/99 NASA-GSFC   
                      99-011A-01 WIRE Telescope                     Hacking     
Explorer 76           99-026A    TERRIERS, Failed          05/18/99 BOSTON U    
Explorer 77           99-035A    FUSE                      06/23/99 JHU-ANU     
                      99-035A-01 Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy       Moos        
Explorer 78           00-017A    IMAGE                     03/25/00 NASA-GSFC   
                      00-017A-01 IMAGE, Radio Plasma Imager (RPI)   Burch       
                      00-017A-02 IMAGE, Low-Energy Neut Atom(LENA)  Burch       
                      00-017A-03 IMAGE, Med-Energy Neut Atom(MENA)  Burch       
                      00-017A-04 IMAGE, Hi-Energy Neut Atom (HENA)  Burch       
                      00-017A-05 IMAGE, Far UV Imager        (FUV)  Burch       
                      00-017A-06 IMAGE, Extreme UV Imager    (EUV)  Burch       
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