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The LADEE spacecraft impacted the Moon on 18 April between 04:30 and 05:22 UT (12:30-01:22 a.m. EDT). More...

The Philae lander on the European Space Agency Rosetta mission to Comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was reactivated by command from Earth on 28 March after a long cruise-phase hibernation. Philae is scheduled to land on the comet on 11 November 2014.

The Chinese Yutu rover is not able to move, but its instruments are functioning normally on its fourth lunar day. The Chang'e-3 lander is functioning nominally and its instruments have completed their planned measurements.

This Day in Planetary and Lunar Exploration History

April 23

Launch of Ranger 4, first U.S. spacecraft to impact the Moon.
Launch of Soyuz 1 with Vladimir Komarov, ended in first in-flight space fatality.

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