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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter SPICE Navigation Files (PDS)


Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 2005-08-12 to 2023-10-01


This data set contains navigation and related observation geometry and other ancillary data in the form of SPICE System kernel files for the MRO spacecraft. The SPICE kernel files contain geometric and other ancillary information needed to recover the full value of science instrument data. Data in the SPICE kernel files must be accessed using the NAIF (Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility) software called the SPICE Toolkit. See the file ``softinfo.txt'' in the ``/software'' directory for instructions on how to obtain this software.

This data set is contained on a single virtual volume, MROSP_1000, including data from all mission phases and covering from launch, 2005 AUG 12, through the end time of the latest spacecraft trajectory file supplied in the data set. Until the end of the spacecraft lifespan this data set will be accumulating with new data added every three months.

This is PDS data set MRO-M-SPICE-6-V1.0 on volume MROSP_1000. The data are available online at:

Alternate Names

  • MRO-M-SPICE-6-V1.0


  • Planetary Science: Celestial Mechanics

Additional Information


Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. David R. Williams



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