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Index to Lunar Sample Photographs (Digitized)


Availability: Data Identified but not Received

Time span: 1969-07-20 to 1972-12-13


This collection consists of digitized microfilm frames containing indexed listings of photographs of samples returned from the Apollo missions. Columns are: (1) frame number; (2) sample number; (3) orientation of the sample as photographed; and (4) film type, where B = B/W and C = color.

The time spans of the indices are: Apollo 11 -- 1969-07-20; Apollo 12 -- 1969-11-19 to 1969-11-20; Apollo 14 -- 1971-02-05 to 1971-02-06; Apollo 15 -- 1971-07-31 to 1971-08-02; Apollo 16 -- 1972-04-21 to 1972-04-24; and Apollo 17 -- 1972-12-11 to 1972-12-13.

For this digitization effort the NSSDCA scanned the source microfilm that contains collections PSPG-00605, PSPG-00431, PSPG-00359, PSPG-00502, PSPG-00564, and PSPG-00207 (Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 indices, respectively) at a resolution of 400 dots per inch and output each frame on the film as one TIFF file. The NSSDCA also combined the TIFF images into a multipage PDF file to facilitate browsing. Both formats are included in this collection.



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