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Quick-Look Data Pool, Selected from 10 Experiments + Ephemeris


Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 1977-10-22 to 1987-11-26


This quick-look data pool data set (NSSDC ID=SPMS-00147) was created in binary IBM 360 representation with unblocked, 3240-byte records. The first record of each file is a data pool file label containing satellite ID number; year, day of year, and seconds of day for the start and end of file; spacecraft clock; telemetry group number; minimum and maximum value of spin period found in this file; shadow times; and bit rate. The label record is followed by a number of data records containing day of year and seconds of day; s/c clock; bit rate; housekeeping and engineering items; spin period average; satellite position vector in GSE coordinates (ephemeris data set 77-102A-00H); and outputs of the investigators' quick-look data-processing algorithms for selected parameters from ten of the onboard expeirments.

The fast plasma data (77-102A-01D) include four-level electron spectra, ion pseudondensities, average energies, and solar wind peak speeds and pseudodensities, at 5-minute resolution.

The hot plasma algorithm outputs (-03B) include proton densities, 10 keV electron fluxes, and energy range indicators, at 5-minute resolution.

The fluxgate magnetometer data (-04C) include 25 hourly parameters, plus the components of the magnetic field in spacecraft coordinates, at 1-minute resolution.

The low-energy cosmic ray data (-05B) include count rates of protons in three energy intervals between 0.17 and 20 MeV, plus those of alpha particles from 0.12 to 0.25 MeV and of Z>2 particles above 0.1 MeV, at 15-second resolution.

The quasi-static electric field algorithm outputs (-06B) indicate whether the experiment's electron guns were on or off during each 64-second interval.

The plasma wave data (-07C) include instantaneous samples from the 562 Hz filter channels of the electron and magnetic spectrum analysers, at 5-minute resolution.

The plasma density data (-08C) include indicators of the activity of the sounder and the propagation transmitters during each 64-second period.

The energetic electron and proton algorithm outputs (-09C) include both electron and proton differential fluxes in the 32 to 50 keV and the 80 to 126 keV energy ranges. These fluxes are taken in or near the spin-normal (nominally ecliptic) plane, at 5-minute resolution.

The electron and proton experiment algorithm outputs (-10C) include both electron and proton fluxes in the energy range 8 to 200 keV, at 5-minute resolution.

The ion composition data (-12B) include the cold plasma density and flags indicating the presence of high ion temperatures and bulk flow in the plasma, at 5-minute resolution.

The Pool Tape Documentation (GSFC document X-692-77-129) (B29494 in NSSDC's Publications database) includes brief descriptions of the instruments, sometimes quite detailed, and also descriptions of the quick-look algorithms, also sometimes quite detailed.

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