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Quick-Look Data Pool Microfilm Plots, Selected from 10 Experiments + Ephemeris


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1977-10-22 to 1987-09-26


These data are contained on 35-mm microfilm reels. The data are plotted vs time in sets of eight types of plots for each day. Each type of plot shows the spacecraft height above the earth's surface and its GSE Cartesian coordinates, the magnetic field magnitude, and flags indicating when the plasma density experiment or the electron gun of the quasi-static electric fields experiment were turned on, plus outputs of investigators' quick-look algorithms for one or two of the following experiments: fast plasma (77-102A-01C), hot plasma (-03E), fluxgate magnetometer (-04B), low-energy cosmic rays (-05C), static electric field (-06D), plasma waves (-07J), plasma density (-08G), energetic electrons and protons (-09B), electrons and protons (-10A), and ion composition (-12A).

The fast plasma data are shown on two types of plots, and they include four-level electron spectra, ion pseudondensity, ion average energies, and solar wind speed and pseudodensity.

The hot plasma experiment data plotted are the spin averaged proton number density. These same data are contained on each of two types of plots.

The fluxgate magnetometer data include the magnetic field magnitude and its components in spacecraft coordinates (along the direction of the spacecraft spin axis, along the spin-plane projection of the spacecraft-sun line, and along a third orthogonal coordinate). These same data are given in two types of plots: one linear (from +100 to -100 nT) and one semilog plot of magnetic field vs time.

The low-energy cosmic ray experiment data plotted are the count rates of protons in three energy intervals between 0.17 and 20 MeV, plus those of alpha particles from 0.12 to 0.25 MeV and of Z>2 particles above 0.1 MeV/nucleon.

The plasma wave experiment data plotted are the 562-Hz wave electric and magnetic field values.

The energetic electron and proton experiment data plotted are electron differential fluxes in the 39 to 75 keV and 120 to 189 keV energy ranges and proton differential fluxes in the 44.3 to 65.3 keV and 99.5 to 142 keV energy ranges. These fluxes are taken in or near the spin-normal (normally ecliptic) plane.

The electron and proton experiment data plotted are both the electron and proton differential fluxes at 6 keV.

The ion composition experiment data plotted are the cold plasma density. These same data are contained on each of two types of plots.



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