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Data Collection NameSpacecraft: Experiment
International Halley Watch Archive (PDS)ISEE 3:Solar wind plasma, 2-D and 3-D distr. fns. p: 150eV - 7keV; e: 10eV-1keV
ISEE 3:Vector Helium Magnetometer
ISEE 3:Plasma Waves Spectrum Analyzer 17 Hz - 100 kHz (E); 0.3 Hz-1 kHz (B)
ISEE 3:Radio Mapping of Solar Wind Disturbances (Type III bursts) in 3-D; 30 kHz - 2 MHz
Vega 1:Television System (TVS)
Vega 1:Infrared Spectrometer (IKS)
Vega 1:Dust Mass Spectrometer (PUMA)
Vega 1:Dust Particle Counter (SP-1)
Vega 1:Plasma Energy Analyzer (PLASMAG)
Vega 1:Energetic Particle Analyzer (TUNDE-M)
Vega 1:Dust Particle Detector (DUCMA)
Vega 1:Dust Particle Counter (SP-2)
Vega 2:Television System (TVS)
Vega 2:Infrared Spectrometer (IKS)
Vega 2:Dust Mass Spectrometer (PUMA)
Vega 2:Dust Particle Counter (SP-1)
Vega 2:Plasma Energy Analyzer (PLASMAG)
Vega 2:Dust Particle Detector (DUCMA)
Vega 2:Dust Particle Counter (SP-2)
Sakigake:Solar Wind Experiment (SOW)
Sakigake:Magnetometer (IMF)
Giotto:Halley Multicolor Camera (HMC)
Giotto:Ion Mass Spectrometer (IMS)
Giotto:Particle Impact Analyser (PIA)
Giotto:Three-dimensional Positive Ion Analyser (JPA)
Giotto:Magnetometer (MAG)
Giotto:Dust Impact Detector (DID)
Giotto:Optical Probe Experiment (OPE)
Giotto:Radio Science Experiment (GRE)
Suisei:Plasma Experiment (ESP)
Comet Halley Vega 1 cruise and flyby magnetometer (MISCHA) data (PDS)Vega 1:Magnetometer (MISCHA)
Particle Count RatesVega 1:Energetic Particles, MSU-TASPD
Plots of Hourly N,V,T on MicroficheVega 1:Plasma Energy Analyzer (PLASMAG)
Vega 2:Plasma Energy Analyzer (PLASMAG)
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