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Experiment Search Results

There were 26 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
50 kHz to 3.5 mHz Solar Radio Astronomy in Eight StepsOGO 5
Haddock, Fred
Cosmic Ray ElectronsOGO 5
Meyer, Peter
Electric Field MeasurementOGO 5
Aggson, Thomas
Electron and Proton SpectrometerOGO 5
West, Harry
Energetic Photons in Primary Cosmic RaysOGO 5
Hutchinson, G.
Energetic Radiations from Solar FlaresOGO 5
Anderson, Kinsey
Galactic and Solar Cosmic Ray StudiesOGO 5
McDonald, Frank
Geocoronal Lyman-Alpha MeasurementOGO 5
Blamont, Jacques
Light Ion Mass Magnetic SpectrometerOGO 5
Sharp, Gerald
Low-Energy Heavy Cosmic Ray ParticlesOGO 5
Simpson, John
Low-Energy Integral Spectral MeasurementOGO 5
Serbu, Gideon
Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)OGO 5
Frank, Louis
Magnetic Survey using Two MagnetometersOGO 5
Heppner, James
Measurement of the Absolute Flux and Energy Spectrum of ElectronsOGO 5
Van de Hulst, Hendrik
OPEP 2-Scan MechanismOGO 5
Browning, Ronald
Particle Wave StudyOGO 5
Coleman, Paul
Plasma SpectrometerOGO 5
Snyder, Conway
Plasma Temperature, Density and FluxOGO 5
Sagalyn, Rita
Plasma Wave DetectorOGO 5
Crook, Gaines
Solar X-Ray EmissionsOGO 5
Kreplin, Robert
Spherical Electrostatic ProbeOGO 5
Boyd, Robert
Study of Protons, Electrons, Positrons, and Gamma RaysOGO 5
Cline, Thomas
Triaxial Electron AnalyzerOGO 5
Ogilvie, Keith
Triaxial Search-Coil MagnetometerOGO 5
Smith, Edward
UCLA Triaxial Fluxgate MagnetometerOGO 5
Coleman, Paul
Ultraviolet AirglowOGO 5
Barth, Charles
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