Society of American Foresters Moon Tree

Bethesda, Maryland

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Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) planted on 30 September 1976 at the Society of American Foresters in Bethesda, Maryland as part of a dedication of a new building which was formerly the Grovesnor family summer home. The plaque is located inside the building, the tree itself is marked with a wooden sign with the number 12.

The plaque reads:

Moon Tree

This Loblolly Pine tree is distinctive. It was grown from one of a number of seeds taken aboard Apollo 14 by Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa on NASA's historic February 1971 Moon flight. Upon its return to Earth, the seed was nurtured by the U.S. Forest Service's Southern Forest Experiment Station in Gulfport, Mississippi. The tree was presented as a gift to the Society of American Foresters on its seventy-fifth anniversary at the dedication of the Gifford Pinchot Forestry Building on September 30, 1975.

Colonel Roosa was formerly a Forest Service smokejumper before joining the Air Force. He carried the seed and those of other tree species on his lunar voyage to symbolize the major role that forests have played in the development of America and the critical role forests will play in the nation's future.


Photographs courtesy of Erica Botkin.

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