Booker Elementary School Moon Tree

Hampton, Virginia

[Booker Moon Tree] [Booker Moon Tree Plaque]

Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) planted at Booker Elementary School in Hampton Virginia on 30 April 1976. The tree was given to the school as the result of a poetry contest, won by sixth grader Marjorie White for her poem entitled "A Tree Lives". A rededication ceremony was held on 13 June 2006 and a sign was put up next to the tree (see pictures). The sign says "Moon (Sycamore) Tree - Grown from seeds taken to the Moon aboard Apollo 14 in 1971 - Seedling planted on April 30, 1976 Rededicated June 13, 2006". For more on the ceremony, see the 14 June 2006 Daily Press Article.

[unveiling of Moon Tree Plaque] [Sign from Booker Moon Tree Celebration]

Top left photograph courtesy of Buddy Norris/Daily Press.
Other photographs courtesy of Barbara Jones and Mrs. Maravillas.

 Article on the Moon Tree Rededication Ceremony - Daily Press (Courtesy Wayback Machine)
 Moon Tree Home Page

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