Forest Capital Museum State Park Moon Tree

Perry, Florida

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A loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) was planted on 29 April 1978 at the Forest Capital Museum State Park in Perry, Florida. The park is at 204 Forest Park Drive. The tree is located in the front yard of the ranger's homestead behind the park's Cracker House and Farmyard exhibit. It is reportedly now in the park maintenance area, visitors need to call in advance (850-584-3227) to schedule a visit.

[Perry tree brochure]
From the Forest Capital Museum State Park Brochure

[Perry News-Herald Moon Tree Article] [Perry News-Herald Moon Tree Article]
Moon Tree article courtesy Perry News-Herald, reprinted with permission.

[Tallahassee Moon Tree Article]
Article clipping from the 11 November 2002 Tallahassee Democrat.

[Perry Tree Media Advisory]

Information and first two images at top courtesy of Chiho Sullivan
Third image at top courtesy of Perry News-Herald
Newspaper clippings credit Tallahassee Democrat and Perry News-Herald

National Treasure - Perry News-Herald 21-22 October 2011
Forest Capital Museum State Park
Forest Capital Museum State Park Brochure
Florida's "Moon Trees" - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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