Highland Hall Moon Tree

Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

[Highland Hall Moon Tree] [Highland Hall Moon Tree Plaque]

This Moon sycamore tree (Platanus occidentalis) is located in Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. The tree was planted on 5 May 1976 at Highland Hall, 517 Walnut Street, at the corner of Walnut and Penn Streets. Highland Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and until recently served as the court house annex. It had also previously been a women's academy, training location for the military during WWII, and a Franciscan seminary. Near the tree was a statue of a "Pioneer Family" created by W. Walter Campbell and also put at that site during the nation's bicentannial. The statue was moved to the Blair County Courthouse in November 2009, only the base remains, see photos below taken in February 2011.

Tree located at 40 deg 25.922 min N, 78 deg 23.494 min W

Upper photographs courtesy of Jim Shoemaker. Photos below courtesy of Jim & Terri Lukens-Gable

[Highland Hall Moon Tree] [Highland Hall]

[letter to Blair County]
Letter from Joseph Allen to Bud Schuster confirming an astronaut
would participate in the dedication of the statue to the Moon Tree.
The dedication was in fact attended by astronaut Karol Bobko.

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