Indiana Statehouse Moon Tree

Indianapolis, Indiana

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This sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) was planted at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana on 9 April 1976 in a ceremony presided over by Otis R. Bowen, Governor of Indiana.
The unmarked sycamore is located on the east (N. Capitol Ave.) side of the statehouse, about 100 feet south of the Oliver P. Morton statue in front of the main entrance and about 50 feet back from the street, at approximately 39° 46.099' N, 86° 9.721' W.

The plaque pictured above is no longer by the tree. It has been moved to the south side of the Capitol building near the sidewalk along W. Washington St., at 39° 46.048' N, 86° 9.762' W. See the Historical Marker Database page for more on the plaque.

The plaque reads:

Bicentennial Moon Tree
Sycamore grown
from seed carried to the Moon
by astronaut Stuart A. Roosa
on Apollo XIV, February, 1971
April 9, 1976
Otis R. Bowen, M.D.
Governor of Indiana

Tree photographs by Dave Williams and Nancy Rogers
Plaque photograph courtesy Joe Starry

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