Keystone Heights Moon Tree

Keystone Heights Library

Keystone Heights, Florida

[the Keystone Heights Moon Tree] [Plaque at the Keystone Heights Tree] [the Keystone Heights Moon Tree]

This Moon sycamore (Platanus occidentialis) is located outside the Keystone Heights Public Library. Local nursery owner Bob Burns acquired the tree from the University of Florida and had it planted and dedicated in 1984. The tree is being cared for by the Garden Club of the Lakes. There was a rededication ceremony on 28 February 2015 and a new plaque was put in. The old plaque is pictured below.

The plaque next to the tree reads:

"Moon Tree"
American Sycamore
(platanus occidentialis)
Grown from a seed that
traveled to the Moon on
Apollo 14, February 1971
Planted at this site 1984

[Plaque at the Keystone Heights Tree]

Top left and bottom photographs courtesy of Chris Jolley
Two top right photos courtesy of Nathan, Matthew, and Marjorie Duck

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