Kings Dominion Moon Tree

Doswell, Virginia

[Kings Dominion Moon Tree] [Kings Dominion Moon Tree Sign] [Kings Dominion Moon Tree]

Two sycamores (Platanus occidentalis) were planted circa 1976 at Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia. There was originally a sign marking the trees, but it was removed. One of the trees was lost in a storm around 1998. The new sign was put up in 2016.

The tree is located near the Eiffel Tower (yellow circle on map below gives approximate location). Tree pictures above taken in 2021, below in 2020.

[Kings Dominion Moon Tree] [Kings Dominion Moon Tree Sign] [Kings Dominion Moon Tree Map]

The seeds for the sycamores were collected from Claiborne County, Mississippi. After they were carried aboard the Apollo 14 mission they were germinated and the seedlings were grown at the U.S.F.S. southern station in Gulfport, Missisippi and distributed to Virginia in 1976.

Upper photographs courtesy KDFanatics
Lower photographs and information courtesy of Chris Woodford
Special thanks to Tim Vaughn, Steven Palmore, Bill Schweiker, John Kelley, and Kevin Shupe

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