Michigan Capitol Moon Tree

Lansing, Michigan

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A sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) Moon Tree was planted in a ceremony on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol building on 22 April 1976. Although it turned out Gov. Milliken could not be there to plant the tree as was initially indicated in the second article below, Lt. Governor James Damman and other state dignitaries attended the planting. The 18-inch tall seedling was removed after the ceremony and taken to a city greenhouse to protect it from the possibility of spring frosts, and was possibly going to be kept there until the next year. However, there is no record of what happened to the tree after that. At some point it died, whether this happened in the greenhouse or if it was replanted and died on the capitol grounds is not known. Of the four trees known to have been sent to Michigan, only one, at the Fernwood Botanical Gardens, is still alive.

News clippings used with permission, courtesy Ironwood, Michigan Daily Globe (left, April 23, 1976) and Holland, Michigan Evening Sentinel (right, April 16, 1976)

Newspaper clippings courtesy of Nick VanAcker, Mark Thompson, and newspapers.com.

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