Lincoln State Park Moon Tree

Lincoln City, Indiana

[Lincoln State Park Moon Tree] [Lincoln State Park Moon Tree Marker] [Lincoln State Park Moon Tree]
[Lincoln State park Moon Tree] [Lincoln State park Moon Tree] [Lincoln State Park Moon Tree]

Sycamore tree (Platanus occidentalis) in Lincoln State Park, Lincoln City, Indiana. Planted by the Girl Scouts on 1 May 1976 during their "Wake-up America" campaign. A time capsule was also buried at the base of the tree to be opened in 2001. On 8 May 2001 this capsule was dug up and another one buried to be dug up in 2026.

Lincoln State Park is off of State Route 162. It borders on its north the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. The Moon Tree is by Lake Lincoln, just off Pine Hills Camp Rd. (see map below). The picture at top left was taken circa 2003, and top right in April 2022. The pictures in the second row show the tree in April 2003.

The seeds for the sycamore Moon Trees were collected from Claiborne County, Mississippi by the U.S. Forest Service.

Top left, second row center, and bottom right photographs and information courtesy of David Ayer.
Top center, top right, and bottom left photographs courtesy Luke Davidson.
Second row left and right photographs credit Dave Williams.
Special thanks to Christine McCready and Tom Thake.

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[Lincoln State Park Plaque] [Lincoln State Park Plaque]

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